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Uber Labor Issues And Related Stuff

Disclosure:  I have self-published an e-book on Kindle.  The second half of this blog post is not intended to disparage  Amazon.com Inc. or other large retailers.   811 more words

Grammy Fund for Music Creators

With the Grammy’s around the corner it’s perfect timing for the organization to announce their new lobbying group, the Grammy Fund for Music Creators, which is a political action committee created by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. 169 more words


Blog#1-Career Readiness

I would say that I am not nearly ready for a job in the E-Media Field but if I look back to where I was before this school year started I am amazed at where I am today. 370 more words


Picking A Major To Purse One of My Career Goals

I have so many different passions. My passions make me a scatterbrain when it comes to determining big decisions. One second I think I want to be a music producer, the next something in the video production field, and now I’m majoring in business. 320 more words


Why Television Is Still The Most Effective Medium of Advertising?

Television is a convenient and flexible advertising medium, owing to its widespread popularity and the ease with which a message can reach millions of viewers, internationally and nationally… 254 more words

Why do our clients need Advertising?

Advertising is necessary to all businesses in order to get their goods sold.  It is all part of the promotional strategy that helps sustain the business within the markets, which in turn lets business understand what the consumer wants and the sort of prices the consumer will be willing to pay for the product. 279 more words


Mechanism of Effective Letter Writing

The requirement and demand to create efficient letters has existed for very long as a way of interaction between two people. It holds a vital importance in every aspect of life including social, private, and professional. 464 more words

Letter Writing