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What is on My Mind?

I have always been an ally of the LGBTQ community since I could understand what LGBTQ was. It always baffled me when I heard about people who were very discriminatory towards the LGBT community because the community is made up of human beings that love other human beings. 317 more words

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What is the Rainbow Connection?


Welcome to the Rainbow Connection!

This blog is about the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and more (LGBT) community, mental illness and mental health, and the media. 292 more words

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In Knots (EMP #3) (2016)

Sometimes life just has you in knots.  Decisions aren’t clear.  Future seems uncertain.  Answers seem elusive.  Been in & out of feeling this way for a couple weeks.   18 more words

In Transit (EMP-1) (2016)

My first electronic media painting.  It is weird not using my usual brushes, etc.  But I have struggled to make time to paint recently and this seemed worth trying.   14 more words

The Stench of Indian Media

-Indian media is seemingly independent but essentially extended arm of Indian state

To all intents and purposes, media is said to be the vanguard of the democracy but not essentially in Kashmir where everything is decided by the New Delhi. 1,057 more words

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Trump's Cool

I published the following back in 2015 when linguists started trying to analyze Mr. Trump’s talk. My view printed below was inspired by my reading over the years of McLuhan’s little book “Understanding Media”. 198 more words