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Downright Disgrace!

Rana Sanaullah … if this name doesn’t fire up every inch of your conscious body these days you are either dead or a Nooni, that too a dead one IMO. 406 more words

Of bullshit...and suchlike matters

A recent article in the Hindu interested me deeply. The author dealt with the complete disinterest in facts in our time, especially among leading political figures. 1,081 more words

Public Affairs

Social Media

While reading Jean Tweng’s article, many of her points resonated with me as I am sure they did with my classmates as well. The funny thing about having an addiction is you never want to admit that you actually have it. 481 more words

Electronic Media

Media Consumption

When it comes to media consumption for my generation, I would say we are hooked. The sites that I use the most are probably the most common ones. 326 more words

Electronic Media

Copyright & Remixes

Copyright laws are understandable, artists should have control over the things that they create. Recently though, we have seen more and more cases where these copyright laws have been holding people back from creating their own works and using others works as aids. 389 more words

Electronic Media

Absurdities of Present Day News

I had been thinking for sometime about the growing number of ridiculous, inane, and otherwise nonsensical absurdities that fill the daily TV news channels and print or electronic media. 221 more words

National Concerns

Lars and the Real Girl

While I do love Ryan Gosling, I did not love this movie. It was super uncomfortable to watch, and I felt like the storyline was really slow. 133 more words

Electronic Media