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Danny L Harle teams up with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek on new single "Ashes of Love" -- listen

PC Music’s Danny L Harle has teamed up with Caroline Polachek of synthpop duo Chairlift for a new song called “Ashes of Love”. The track comes on the heels of Harle’s 2015… 355 more words


Jam of the Week: Intention

If you made it to any of my classes last fall, you might remember my obsession with Kiiara’s Gold (I still cannot help dancing about when it’s playing.). 25 more words


Kyla La Grange, 'Hummingbird'

The lovely Kyla La Grange has gifted us with her latest single release, ‘Hummingbird’! Speaking to the 405, Kyla says that the song is about living in that uncertain, liminal space between different personal identities.  18 more words

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Troye Sivan succeeds with his debut album "Blue Neighbourhood."

My current artist obsession lately has been Troye Sivan, and his debut album “Blue Neighourhood.” It’s an album filled with seduction, growing up and coming-of-age, and teen romance. 310 more words

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"Switchblade" by October

May is NZ Music Month here in NZInc, a small South Pacific archipelago perhaps better know these days as a tax haven for overseas people and companies to avoid tax obligations in their home countries. 151 more words

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Steve Kroeger: "W.F.T.B. ft. Skye Holland"Single Review

It’s spring, it’s breezy, and it’s damn hot out already.  You need something to cruise too, run too, dance too….you need some kroeger mojo.  DJ Kroeger takes charge in the electronic edm dance phase.   164 more words

Wild Belle, 'Dreamland'

I first came across Wild Belle in 2014 when the album ‘Isles’ became a remedy for my, at the time, painfully broken heart. With lyrics such as, “all you can do is pleasure and money…you never told me you were as cold as ice” and “I got a lover, he puts the shine in the sun”, the album struck me as both a defiant middle finger up at and warm embrace of the chaos that embodies romantic relationships and their demise. 110 more words

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