Tags » Electronic Pop

Dream Estate- "You"

Wherein there is a distance that is equal parts lyrical, musical and relational. This new track from William Tse’ indie pop project, Dream Estate, is all marked by the distance it keeps. 127 more words


Klune- "Nocturnal"

With Klune and its song “Nocturnal,” the comparison to the xx is almost unavoidable. It has a vibe that is similarly, well, nocturnal. If you squint enough, some of the percussive movements start to resemble some of Jamie xx’s production wizardry. 106 more words


Ambiere- "I See Faces"

“Atmospheric” or “brooding” music can cover over a lot. Entire emotions and full ranges of feelings can be obscured by a shadowy vocal performance, some languid guitar lines and vaguely ominous synth tones. 173 more words


Gus Dapperton - "Prune, You Talk Funny"

NY based artist Gus Dapperton has easily been one of our absolute favorite musical discoveries of the year, due to both his exuberant, yet surreal take on electronic pop as well as his seemingly poised and unperturbed personality that obviously bleeds into his work. 179 more words


Sonia Stein- "Do You Love Me"

Insecurity and uncertainty so often go hand and hand. Peep Sonia Stein’s new minor-key electro-pop effort “Do You Love Me.” She’s repeatedly asking that question while doubting every romantic interaction along the way. 78 more words


Top Tracks: Liz Lawrence- "Chainsmoking"

All signs and information point to Liz Lawrence being haggard and worn down on new single “Chainsmoking.” She’s humming (not shouting) about performing the titular action with a broken heart while the weather turns ever more treacherous. 129 more words


Top Tracks: Fabiana Palladino- "Mystery" [Prod. Jai Paul]

The scarcity of work from enigmatic electronic musician Jai Paul is such that almost any exhalation from the artist would be covered with hysteria by the music press writ large. 152 more words