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The Weeknd- "False Alarm"

Okay, at this point, the Weeknd can append his devilishly seductive voice to any surface and make it work. Stripper anthems. Post-disco cuts. Booming trip-hop tunes. 161 more words


Chromatics - Magazine

The soundtrack to Johnny Jewel’s score of the film Home will be released digitally on Italians Do It Better on October 14th.


Top Tracks: Off Bloom- "Orchid"

On the Mountain Goats’ longing and uneven Get Lonely, John Darnielle has a line on “Woke Up New” that speaks to the entire album’s desirous nature: “And an astronaut could’ve seen the hunger in my eyes from space.” I mention that line, so disarming in its emotional candor, in the context of a Danish experimental trio because “Orchid” is suffuse with the same sort of longing. 145 more words