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Electronic Service of Process - Much a-do about Nothing?

Recently Robin Mullin’s wrote a three part series on Electronic Service of Process. The series is well written and is a look at what electronic service of process is, the challenges that electronic service of process presents, as well as an in-depth view of how electronic service of process might impact our profession. 103 more words

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Is Personal Service of Civil Subpoenas Coming to an End?

Recently I stumbled upon a website, that as a professional process server for more than 25 years, gave me cause for concern. The site contained a list of Internet service providers, social networking sites and major media giants based in the United States that included contact names, addresses, phone numbers, facsimile numbers, and, in some cases, information about how to serve process upon them electronically. 869 more words

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By Doing Business Online Are You Waiving Your Rights?

Here is yet another example of how things are changing for the process serving profession…  Did you know that when you use many e-commerce websites these days that you have waived your right to service of process by traditional means? 452 more words

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You Have Been Served Without Ever leaving Your Desk

When you think about the act of giving notice/the serving process I bet you did not have in mind being served by a posting to your Facebook wall, twitter account, or to your email inbox.   161 more words

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Electronic Service of Process At Home and Abroad

Recently I happened upon a Draft of a Federal Court Law Review Article, written by Ronald J. Hedges, Kenneth N. Rashbaum and Adam C. Losey.   The final version as far as I know has not yet been published. 525 more words

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CHANGE! Is the Process Serving Profession Doing Enough to Remain Relevant?

Change – what is it and what does it mean?

If you Google “change” you will find dozens of definitions… for the purposes of this discussion, the change I am referring to could also be referred to as “shift” or “shift happens” or maybe even more accurately “shift is happening all around us”.   1,108 more words

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