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うすうすベア - CIDR.XXX | Gabber

If you’re looking to savor a new hardcore track, fractilx is serving up some top grade gabber to quench your thirst. This tune features an energetic array of elements from anthemic supersaws to fluttering acid riffs, all propelled forward by both amen breaks and punchy gabber kicks to make for brilliantly energetic cocktail. 16 more words

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Rex Hudson at Catcus Music 2/6

Cactus Music’s Saturday afternoon performances are a real treat that in my opinion should be a candidate for public arts funding. As the world becomes more and more digital, it’s a big fear of mine that even a stalwart like Cactus may go away one day, taking a fantastic tradition of local… 365 more words


Midnight Musician - Another World | Progressive House

Midnight Musician has released some awesome electronic music in the past, including his track for P@D Starlit Flames, as well as his innovative trap remix of Discord. 51 more words

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DualStyles - Dispute the Difference

Straight out of Chicago Dualstyles comes loaded with the 12 track album Dispute the Difference. True to their name they express their creativity through a fusion of genres. 93 more words


Adapting the Spectrum

Long ago, in a post far away, I mentioned the artist In The Branches. Frankly I’m a little confused here as his bandcamp lists the artist as  172 more words


Grades - King

I’m a little late to the party on this one but damnit, it’s been in my head since the first listen. It’s club-oriented house music done right, with enough nuance and interest to satisfy the more discerning electronic music fan. 67 more words