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Music: Vogel - Night City (Electronic, New Retro Wave)

I have one previous post featuring music by Vogel. Search this blog to find it, or type in New Retro Wave and see a whole bunch more. 57 more words


Reclaim Your Dance Territory With Frenship’s Electro Banger “Capsize” ft. Emily Warren

The Los Angeles electropop duo, Frenship, portrays the dance of war in their video “Capsize” ft. the gently hooky vocals of Emily Warren. With its clear-cut, synth-hopping thumps, Frenship takes your earbuds into a slow-motioning yet adrenaline kicking dancefloor where your endorphins are reclaiming their territory once again in your earholes. 30 more words



Shadows Theme
Shadows Theme – Remix

Again something a little different. I thought I would try and create a track that sounded like the theme music for a spy movie. You can hear it here


fractilx - [S06E17 SPOILERS] | Jazz Fusion

It’s kinda minor spoilers, but spoilers nonetheless. Get the song after the break. 36 more words

Solo Post

SONG OF THE DAY Big Scary - Organism

I kid you not, before I watched the video to today’s song earlier, I had been listening to it on Soundcloud and couldn’t help but get up and have a little boogie, this song just makes me want to move.   143 more words


Blue Gold

Not Enough Power
Primal Production
The Electronic Music
Blue Gold
Night Drive
Seagulls Over Aberdeen
Aftermath (Guitar Version)
The Electronic Music (reprise) 33 more words