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Music Review: Cinematic Volume 1 by Grégoire Lourme

Year: 2012
Tracks: 18 (this release
Genre: Soundtrack, Classical, Orchestral, Electronic, Ambient, World
Similar Artists: Celestial Aeon Project, MuswayStudio, Epic Soul Factory
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Mr. A.M. - Enough Chit Chat, Time Is Candy!! | Complextro

It’s always a pleasure to see some new complextro, and this wubbly Pinkie-themed piece by Mr. A.M thrills with soaring highs and juicy kicks! I really love the intro and the way it gradually builds into the melody, and Pinkie’s vocals add a little something to the song, like sprinkles on a cupcake.

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Taska Black is Beautifully Unique in Latest Single "Dead Inside"

As the EDM bubble nears its next popping point, few stand-out artists are able to produce progressive sounds that truly push the umbrella term into the next era of the young genre. 139 more words


It’s been quite a while since HMC’s last album, but the Discord community is back again with the 5th edition in their series of compilation albums. 40 more words

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