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[P@D] bank pain, PegasYs, ThatMusicBrony - Breathe | Glitch Hop

The mega-collabs on Anthology made me really happy, especially this one! A really urban, chill and yet brutal track composed of a lot of elements from various genres of music, including R&B, Hip Hop, Chillstep and Glitch Hop! 133 more words

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Tears for Fears enter a new era with "I Love You But I'm Lost"

Not often do old, classic bands redefine themselves. But Tears for Fears did just that with their new single, “I Love You But I’m Lost”. 59 more words


A Q&A with Mecko, Leader of Fraticórnicos (Subject: Francis Framar)

Francis Framar was the first Fraticórnicos album. The first recorded, the first released, and the first with the original line-up, the duo of Pelo and Mecko. 1,786 more words


TCB - Atychiphobia (Vylet Pony Remix) | Dubstep

TCB‘s amazing tracks from the Cutie Cuts EP have been infused with much character depth from the CMC, and all that pony musical greatness didn’t go unnoticed for Vylet Pony who took on a remix of Scootaloo’s song… 62 more words

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That Faint Light – That Faint Light

The thing that will strike you first about this marvelous disc from That Faint Light is the seamless combination of electronics and more conventional instruments on each of the 12 tracks. 182 more words


Totalspark - They're Coming | Electro

Known to typically make chill beats, Totalspark used the element of surprise to share this electro banger with us!  Reminiscent of the Season 6 finale, Totalspark wanted to give us a bit of a twist, an alternate ending, if you will.  72 more words

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