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Rashad Becker LIVE - Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. I

Artist: Rashad Becker
title: Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. I – LIVE
keywords: experimental, electronic, electronica, live, video

To see Rashad Becker LIVE makes me think a bit about seeing a random person sitting in a bus-stop; you think nothing of it at first impression, then when you manage to start to open your mouth and trigger the bus-stop waiter into opening up you will be flabbergasted by what goes behind the surface of the person. 316 more words

Masayoshi Fujiita & Jan Jelinek- Schaum

Artists: Masayoshi Fujiita & Jan Jelinek
title: Schaum
format: digital/CD/LP
keywords: experimental electronic exotica fieldrecordings Berlin

Schaum starts with the sound of going through a nice awakening. 773 more words

Music: Massive Attack - Angel (Electronic)

Great song, great video. Search this blog for more music by Massive Attack.


Title: Massive Attack – Angel (YT link) Uploaded by Emi Music.



This is one of Cav’s most mellow releases, I’m into it.