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Cicely Irvine - Excavation.

The latest Eilean Rec release (the 60th) comes from new artist Cicely Irvine called “Excavation”. Irvine (b. 1990) is a musician and sound artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. 749 more words


An interview with Dronarivm's Dmitry Taldykin.

Dronarivm has been around since May 2012 with the release of Star Turbines “The Sleeping Land” on cassette. From this auspicious start and with Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) acting as curator, the label has gone from strength to strength releasing music from the likes of Celer, Offthesky, Porya Hatami, The Green Kingdom, Caught in the Wake Forever, Guilio Aldinucci and many more. 784 more words


Hershels Mirror


Hershel’s Mirrors transformed telescopes enabling him to map the Milky Way and creating the most accurate map of the then known universe.  This piece reflects on the vast cosmos, that we now know to be infinite.


TRACK BY TRACK: Mary Casio- Journey to Cassiopeia

I am back with another Track by Track for something that is slightly different, in that I originally heard this album performed live before I heard it on CD.  1,219 more words

Track By Track

Hatsune Miku - The Endless Love in #vocaloidsunday

We have featured the works of Hanasoumen-P before in this blog here and here.


Volker Böhm – Endless Undo

Clang – 29th September 2017

Christopher Nosnibor

There’s probably a press release somewhere, but I should probably just listen and lose myself in this. Endless Undo is a work of infinite subtlety, layered and detailed. 309 more words