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Preoccupations-New Material

I have a tendency, a healthy one I feel, to drown myself in a new album when I get hold of it. I like to listen to it over and over, to find something new in each song and it let it do its thing. 496 more words


Free Download: Arise

I challenged myself today and asked my fans & friends for a chord progression. I took the first one I received, set my timer and gave myself one hour & a half to come up with a song, mix it and make the cover art. 7 more words

Weird Band of the Week: Mandek Penha

A few months ago, we received an email that began with the words, “Greetings Weirdest Band in the World from The Current Earthly Embodiment of Lord Mandek Penha!” 870 more words

Band Of The Week

Music Monday: Let Shpongle Alter Your Perceptions

Shpongle. If there’s a more wonderfully nonsensical word to encapsulate an entire musical group I have yet to discover it. I discovered this mind-bending band sometime back in, if I had to guess, ’06 or ’07 while watching a strange little animated short on… 138 more words


Battle in Nagoya, by Lips and Ribs

Equal parts chiptune madness and funky footwork, Battle in Nagoya is a new cassette tape released through Field Hymns Records by Lips and Ribs. Featuring some truly dense and determined tracks, 16 to be exact, this album drags the listener on a strange and mystical journey. 90 more words

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