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Adding Capture to a Vintage Scanning Electron Microscope

Applied Science over at YouTube has a great video about adding a capture capabilities to a vintage scanning electron microscope, including some great videos of that instrument in action. Check it out:


ElectroMagnetic Pulses (EMP)

Hello everyone!

So yesterday, I was watching Godzilla (The newer one, 2014) for about the fourth or fifth time(Yes, I loved it).

There are a lot of references to… 1,016 more words


Your Guide To Soldering

Attaining ‘zero defect’ production requires a thorough knowledge of soldering technology. Here is a lowdown on the different kinds of techniques, material and equipment used in soldering… 1,816 more words


Vintage Radio's

  • How about a post that has nothing political in it?
  • How about a post that is instructional and interesting?
  • Think I can do it?

Me personally, sometimes I feel like someone is going to have to… 946 more words


Bitcoin Mining On Raspberry Pi2

Gather The Parts.

You will need a Raspberry Pi 2

A powered USB hub ( Please do not cheap out on this)

Antminer U1/U2/U3

USB Fan… 216 more words


In Times Of Extreme Stress And Tension, Allow This Head And Eye Massager To Takeover

If the handheld scalp massager doesn’t quite do it for you during the thick of it, turn to this battery-powered electronic therapy helmet. Equipped with a head and eye massager, tension-relief acupressure, vibration, heat compression, and soothing music, the helmet will submerge your senses into a state of relaxation. 29 more words


Creek 4140 S2 Overhaul and Voltage Conversion

From the Rain City Audio Repair Blog:

This Creek 4140 S2 amplifier is a bit newer than most through the shop, although it’s getting up there. 382 more words