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When is the right time to think about Disaster Recovery?

Spring rains bring on more than just flowers or in my case, weeds.  The phone started ringing early the other morning.  My coffee was still brewing when the continuous ring of the phone demanded me instead of the regular answering service. 827 more words


Linear PSUs are better...

…aren’t they? :D

No, I don’t really want to start up that discussion here because in my opinion it’s much more complex subject than most audiophiles believe. 418 more words

Work In Progress...

LED-tester deluxe...

A few months ago I stumbled upon a presentation thread for an “LED-tester” circuit by Muffsy-creator H. Skrodahl on a Norwegian audio forum. Two things immediately occured to me: 266 more words


Power Logger

With a design along the same lines as the Gas Sensor Logger, I made up a power consumption monitor for the house.
I installed 4 clamp on current transformers in my panel, one on each of the 230v legs coming in, and two that can be clamped on any circuits of interest. 336 more words


STX-882 / SRX-882 Radio Testing

I recently did some testing of the STX-882 433HHz transmitter and the SRX-882 433MHz receiver and, after additional tests, updated my original findings.

I tested line-of-sight along a road. 875 more words


Video on Impedance Matching 101

#ImpedanceMatching 101 presentation by Ward Silver, N0AX at Pacificon 2012.

Youtube URL:

A great introduction on methodology and techniques to achieve optimum energy transfer between a electronic circuit source and load. 25 more words


Don't you hate it when..., Issue 23

you’re frantically searching for your smartphone and remember that you’re currently talking on it? Maybe it’s because you don’t use it all that much for talking anymore.

Don't You Hate It When...