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DC-DC Converter Effeciency

I aquired a car USB charger in need of repair and was inspired by a recent video from the EEVBlog to measure the power efficiency. The device become damaged when the insides flew out during insertion into the 12VDC car jack and the inductor was nearly sheared off the PCB. 341 more words


DIY 3D Scanner Via Inverse Square Law

When you look around the market, there are many different types of 3D scanners and 3D sensors out there. A quick look at PCL’s IO library lists a number of different sensors out there.   670 more words

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Garden Light Redux - Power Supply

NOTE: This post is a work in progress. As long as it ends with “To be Continued”, please check back occasionally for updates.

The Garden Solar Light ( 1,152 more words


And now on to something completely different...

One project that I have always been wanting to do but never really found the time or space, has been to create a full-size arcade cabinet. 89 more words


A Christmas, String Lights, Story

I bought some LED string lights before Christmas and we had them in the office, for some random cheer. The lights were mixed colours, red green and blue. 197 more words


Choose the Expert China PCB manufacturer with Convenience

The great scientist Paul Aisle invented PCB. Undoubtedly, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has proved itself as an essential component of in the electronic industry. Basically, a PCB is a component made of several layers of insulating material which is combined with electrical conductors. 229 more words

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Single LED Joule Thief Candle

…the thief said “Let there be light. Behold a single candle lit by the joules of a dead cell.”

There is something about LEDs and the joule thief circuit that keeps me coming back. 771 more words