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The Smartphone Printer That Lets You Instagram IRL

When it comes to enhancing your life IRL, there’s nothing more convenient than Fujifilm’s Smartphone Printer, a carry-along device that syncs up with your phone so you can print polaroid-esque images without sacrificing your most beloved filters first. 37 more words


Bose® 402E Active Equalizer #102853 Repaired

From the Rain City Audio Repair Blog:

The first Bose® 402E Active Equalizer, for the Panaray speaker system, just came through the Rain City Audio repair bench. 188 more words


Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)

Bipolar junction transistors (BJTs).

NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor

When current enters B (the Base) , It allows current to flow from C (the Collector) to the E (the Emitter). 58 more words


NOT Gate using a transistor

with an NPN BJT (bipolar junction transistor) and two resistors you can create a Not gate.


7-Segment display

Each of the seven segments (A – G) and the decimal point (P ) are connected in the same way as an LED, in series with a resistor. 26 more words


Get Updates on Surface Pro 3 and Sigma Fisheye UK Price Drops

All the leading ecommerce websites have their own significance and marketing ethics. The sellers with wide range of genuine products from premium brands at reasonable price are preferred by most people. 259 more words