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aSpIrM-2 launch fest: Elektra

Elektra was our first rocket. She’s a petite, slim, highly agile and reliable little thing and Huber Pom is her custodian. On our launch fest around aSpIrM-2, we fired her up four times which makes her our most-flown rocket by far. 503 more words

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Launch fest: Not Without My Handbag

After the highly successful aSpIrM-2 main mission flown by Starmam, tension was climaxing. The following test launch was the riskiest and boldest one we had done so far. 775 more words

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Train Horn Synthesis with the MSP430FR2000


The hardware and code presented below is designed to simulate the sound of a train horn (or come as close as possible with the given hardware). 2,139 more words


Boltonov hacks the F9 fairing!

Today saw another great milestone of awesomeness achieved: Our very own genius CTO, Boltonov, successfully performed the first fairing opening test.

As you may be aware from our earlier… 245 more words

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Too cold to rock'n'roll

Guys, with this test launch we have really earned the title of Parody Space Agency.

We’ve told you all about the friggin’ freezin’ cold and all the weather nastiness in our description of… 353 more words

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All nominal, sort of ...

While yesterday’s test launches were about testing the extremes (running on A- and C-type motors), today’s marching order by Aleks Vansky (you know the drill: CEO and Chief Mastermind at OxidanSky) goes for “normal”. 353 more words

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Stop wining!

Update on today’s test launches – there were actually two:

The first one flew our petite Elektra rocket with an A-type motor again to test the effect of the extra weight. 209 more words

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