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Know About The best Arduino Starter kit

Nowadays, it’s really easy to get yourself into new hobbies. The internet means that you can buy equipment at a better price than ever before, and Youtube tutorial videos mean that there are people there to hold your hand through the shaky first stages where you’re no good at your new hobby. 466 more words


The Hewlett-Packard 5451A Fourier Analyzer

1972: the year launching the Space Shuttle program, the completion of the monument at Stone Mountain, Watergate, the first female FBI agents to join the force….and the new HP 5451A Fourier Analyzer, bringing unparalleled performance to the worlds of acoustic and vibrational measurements. 15 more words


تلفون ذكي من Lenovo

إضغط على الصورة للذهاب لصفحة المنتج على أمازون

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A Streamlined Transformable Travel Laptop

Don’t lug a bag of electronics on the plane with you: consolidate with the ASUS Transformer Book Chi. It’s a high-powered, touchscreen tablet that easily converts into a laptop via the bluetooth powered keyboard dock. 62 more words


5 Great Uses for the Raspberry Pi!

If you have one of those Raspberry Pi minicomputers, check out these cool and simple ways for getting the most out of it! Oh, and if you don’t have one, you should definitely ask yourself: why?? 271 more words


A Tiny Charger To Fuel Your Smartphone Fixation

There is nothing worse than running down the battery on your phone halfway through your day. It is especially annoying if you’re traveling and need your phone for things like navigation and not just photographing your lunch. 86 more words


What's that MRAM thing?

In my previous article about radiation-hardened ICs, I mentioned something called Magnetorestrictive Random Access Memory (MRAM), a type of random access memory that has been proposed as a possible solution for radiation-hardened memory arrays. 1,567 more words