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Once again I find myself in a period where “real life” is intruding significantly on my build time. Not only at work (which is the normal reason), but also in my personal life. 171 more words


Are we cooking ourselves? Here is some food for thought.

As a technology minded person, I often wondered about those who design cordless devices.  In particular, I am addressing phones.  I assume some government agency somewhere spent millions of your tax dollars to come up with what someone thinks are safe levels of radiation. 1,742 more words


SMD Temperature / Humidity Sensor

I made a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for a project that I have been working on that a temperature and humidity sensor. My initial PCB had mostly Surface Mount Devices ( 365 more words


Bicycle Announcer

The Problem

During short instances of nice weather in upstate New York I enjoy going for a bicycle ride on the local multi use trails. I have to pass pedestrians or slower bicycle traffic and find it to sometimes be a hassle to get their attention. 2,605 more words


Roland RE-201 Space Echo Heads

I was looking to buy a local Space Echo to fix and flip, but I didn’t because the erase head looked like this:

That line going down the middle of the erase head gave me cold feet, because if I learned anything from tape machines is that heads wear and eventually open up and the gap between the poles shows, and presumably that is what I was seeing here. 340 more words


Designing and Building an ADC for the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pis have become a rage wherever one needs to add some electronics to a project, yet they are not a very good tool for controlling electronics. 832 more words

Digital Signal Processing

All SMD Radio Transmitter

In a current project I have been using a Chinese ASK radio transmitter module – the STX-882, which I posted about back in February of this year. 413 more words