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Grounding and Rane Note 110

I made a cable to connect my Kilpatrick PHENOL, which has unbalanced outs, to my recording interface (MOTU 16A) which has balanced inputs and outputs. 136 more words


Translation #1 - 삼성 / 애플

One of my ESL friends many years back said that the fastest way to learn a language was by translating it. Eventually, you just got faster and more familiar with words an stopped having to look them up.   157 more words


Automotive CAN bus hacking

This 1st video shows the dashboard of a VW Passat B6 2006 being controlled directly by a micro-controller (an old ARM M3 on a LM3S8962 Texas Instruments discovery board) using the automotive CAN bus. 3,083 more words


PCB Assembly and its Manufacturing

A printed circuit board is nothing but an electronic unit that is used to connect electrical elements into various appliances and machinery. Invention of PCB is quite a revolution in the electronics industries. 236 more words

China PCB

An inexpensive Software Enabled Pseudo-Transceiver for Arduino

Recently I taught a brief, three hour long, Arduino 101 course to some fellow members of the Western North Carolina Linux Users Group (WNCLUG… 1,073 more words


Atmospheric Pressure Data Logging and DST

Since June of 2016 I have been logging atmospheric pressure using a Raspberry Pi B+ and  STEVAL-MKI165V1 evaluation module which features the LPS25HB atmospheric pressure sensor. 147 more words


A Surprise in a Re-Stuffed Capacitor

I was recently re-stuffing some capacitors for a radio. It’s not something I do often, but I’ve accumulated a pile of pulled vintage caps over the years so I have some on hand if a customer requests the most detailed service possible. 58 more words