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Chinese SOIC-8 test clips for in-Circuit Programming - Part 2

Last April I wrote about the cheap Chinese SOIC-8 test clips. In that post I primarily discussed the wiring – specifically that, as wired, it isn’t useful for in-circuit programming of the… 460 more words


DPS5015 Power Supply Enclosure

I designed a printable enclosure for my DPS5015 power supply. The case is a tight fit but results in a nice compact unit with minimal footprint. 212 more words


Macrofab Pick and Place (PnP) - musings

I have been doing some PCB SMT design using pcb-rnd with a goal of using a board assembly shop. My current, semi-commercial, project will simply have too much volume to consider self-assembly. 547 more words


COB Removal - Fail !

I have some  PCBs with a Chip-On-Board (COB) chip that I was curious about. A website stated that this COB contained a QX5252F chip but it was not stated how this was determined. 165 more words


Caveat Emptor - SOIC8/SOP8 test clips

My mistake may benefit you if you are into budget surface mount PCB creation.

I recently purchased an 8-pin  test clip for SOP8/SOIC8 surface mounted chips. 464 more words


CE012 Step-Up Boost - What's Inside?

I am getting ready to design a circuit using the ME2108A Step-Up voltage converter, but first I wanted to closely examine the CE012 Voltage converter that I recently posted about – … 474 more words


When is the right time to think about Disaster Recovery?

Spring rains bring on more than just flowers or in my case, weeds.  The phone started ringing early the other morning.  My coffee was still brewing when the continuous ring of the phone demanded me instead of the regular answering service. 827 more words