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PCB prototypes ensure the error free PCBs

PCB is an electronic device used for supporting various components that have been soldered into the surface of the board. It is made up of a very thin flat metal or hard plastic type board and upon which so many electronic components are mounted. 220 more words


How to Make Your Computer Faster

One of the best parts about purchasing a new computer is its snappy speed when you use it with almost instantaneous responses. Then, for seemingly no reason at all it gradually begins to deteriorate – accessing files isn’t immediate, opening files now takes a long time, ect. 973 more words


Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M557 - $19.99

The Logitech Bluetooth Mouse offers a simple way to completely re-invent your experience navigating your computer, laptop and or tablet with its high tech features that make it easier and more enjoyable: 228 more words

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Female coders tend to create better codes, but they face a gender bias


By Tia Ghose February 22

Women tend to produce better computer code than men, but they are penalized if their gender is common knowledge, new research suggests. 680 more words


All About our Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System

Upgrade from your laptop speakers and get great sound from a small package, which is what defines this speaker set for casual listening. Our Creative Inspire Multimedia speakers are just the thing you need in your room when you want to relax and be completely absorbed by music filling your room. 164 more words

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BATBAND Ear-Free Headset Works Via Bone Conduction

An interesting project presented by Studio Banana Things wants to create ear-free headphones. Batband is a headset that works on bone conduction technology to free your ears to the sounds around you while still listening to music or having a phone conversation. 228 more words


There is no doubt that you have had a chance to do away with an old beloved electronic machine because a newer version has come in that is more efficient in more ways than one. 332 more words