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Digital Signage Board – A Flawless Promotion Tool

When it comes to unveiling a new business, an unending debate will happen among the business people with respect to the promotion of the business. Business promotion and advertisements are very crucial for the sales and success of the business. 468 more words

Digital Display

Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

This is a short write up of the deep water culture hydroponics system that was just constructed. The water is housed in a food safe bucket from the hardware store. 275 more words


S.H.A.D.O.W. (M.D) Controller

What is the Shadow Controller?

The SHADOW controller is going to be a big part of our droid. The S.C. controls the R2 sounds, volume, lights, holoprojector movement, etc. 930 more words

Parts List


July 23rd, 2016

July 2016

Electricity update device

If you are staying in a country like Nigeria where electricity isn’t constant then you will understand why i built this device. I’m staying off campus in my school and it’s usually annoying hoping there will be light any time i’m leaving campus for my apartment off campus. 65 more words


Introduction to Arduino(2)-Blinking an Led

In this tutorial we will be covering blinking an led with the arduino. If you don’t know what an arduino is then you should check out my… 1,001 more words