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I Want This Beer Pong Table, But I'll Need Insurance

This video’s from Now This News reporting on a new interactive LED beer pong table kit called the BPT X5. The sophisticated idea and advanced assembly comes from Installation & Repair Technician Jeff Nybo of… 201 more words


Moore's Law and Processors Milestones

Following its development in 1947 by American physicists John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley, the transistor became the fundamental building block of modern electronic devices, it revolutionized the field of electronics, and paved the way for smaller and cheaper devices. 563 more words

Digital Electronics

Wireless Sensor Network

I recently got some of the cheap ESP8266 and NRF24L01 chips to play around with some IoT stuff. I built a sensor unit that send data to a receiver unit, which uploads the data to ThingSpeak. 664 more words


LED Flood Light: The source of pleasant lighting environment

Science and technology always runs in the path of innovations. This is what we stand today because of the dedication and effort of yesterday. For example in search for a better lighting sources at years back has reached at present days’ LED. 192 more words


Because, like any good consumer, I want things I see in ads

There are few things I really need, but that doesn’t stop me from wasting valuable writing time each week leafing through electronics store flyers, searching for that magical piece of technology that will heal all my psychic wounds. 299 more words

Charger thinking

The challenge for our readers is that you have to comment 10 non traditional uses of this mobile charger as soon as possible

This exercise is only for the purpose of increasing your brain skills

Turn It Off

In addition to my previous post, I’d like to share this link from the one-and-only Joshua Becker on the advantages of “powering down” once in a while. 17 more words