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Romantic Red

Primary colours are simple but bold. They inspire you with summery confidence as effortlessly elegant silhouettes are formed.

To avoid being a walking stop sign, breaking bright colours up with neutral white helps to soften their brightness. 155 more words


Fresh Blues

Light shades pick up the brightness of the sun to made you look fresh whilst avoiding overheating.

Dresses are elegant and let a breeze in to keep you cool. 145 more words


Brightening Up Black

Just because black is a dark colour doesn’t mean it can’t be worn in summer. Just sprinkle on a few vibrant florals to make it more seasonal suitable. 154 more words


Toni Braxton" My Wedding To Birdman Will Be Elegant And Sexy"

Toni Braxton is giving us an idea of what her special day with Birdman will look like. theJasmineBRAND broke the story in 2016 that the pair were quietly dating. 77 more words


Pop of Pink

Black is a classic colour that is an all round seasonal colour. However, to make it seem as though you have planned to match spring, a few florals never go wrong. 196 more words