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Silent Servant - EGR45 00003 [EGR4500003]

EGR45-00003 features Silent Servant, a DJ and producer whose gloomy rhythms stay with the listener long after the music has faded out. These two brand new tracks, along with a live excerpt, are gritty, hyper-engaging and highly personal takes on techno.



Not a bad evening

Aside from an absolutely DISASTEROUS hockey game I watched, I spent some time in the studio. I started playing with something yesterday that is evolving in my mind as a long form ambient broadcast. 63 more words


WIP: Delta Binaural Beats

Finally got the studio set up, working on some Delta binaural beats with resonant filter ambience.

Binaural Beats

If you had to choose:

Dave Smith Mopho X4?

Or Elektron Analog Keys?


The making of a Tic Tic song

On sunday the 23th of August I wake up to a video in my newsfeed of syrian refugees being shot at with teargas at the macedonian border. 530 more words

Electronic Music

Elektron Analog Four with Polyphonic Multidimensional Controllers (PMCs)

When I decided to get an Eigenharp, it was with the intention of mainly using it as a controller for my existing hardware instruments. Controlling hardware synths with… 578 more words


In the Thick of It

This blog is about music production and gaming. And I live in Stockholm, Sweden. You might now this if you’re following the blog. But did you know that I live in the same part of the city (Södermalm that is) as several of the famous Swedish manufacturers? 137 more words