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How to play chords on the A4 in mono mode Pt. II

This is a complete guide to playing chords on the Elektron Analog Four without using polyphony. Only playable chords are listed. In house music or dub techno focus on playing minor / minor7 chords or invent whatever chords you like. 92 more words

Analog Four

From quantum mechanics to space

Quantum mechanics is really  something. A source of inspirations, questions, riddles, sudden plot twists and mental shivers. While studying quantum mechanics I come across mystique, I force yourself to forget lots of what I have learnt about physics in school, simultaneously crying for my poor mathematics skills. 146 more words


Anak Panah Waktu yang (Hampir) Dapat Dibalik

Oleh: Frank Wilczek
7 Januari 2016
Sumber: www.quantamagazine.org

Hukum fisika bekerja ke waktu depan maupun ke waktu belakang. Lantas kenapa waktu bergerak ke satu arah saja? 1,874 more words


new Elektron-ics on THE PILE

What version are we on now ?

let’s call this V3 !

ESX replaced with

(my birthday present to myself)

 Elektron Analog RYTM, an AMAZING drum machine/groovebox, which has some interesting legs up over the big-tube Korg Electribe ESX (which I love, but outgrew). 96 more words

Audio Hardware

Elektron neden 3 boyutlu olamaz

Çok uzun bir çubuğumuz olsun. Öyle bir uzun olsun ki tam 300.000km ! Çubuğu ileri-geri vuruşlar yaparak mesaj ilettiğimizi düşünelim. Şayet saniyede 1’den fazla vuruş yaparsak mesajımızı ışık hızından hızlı iletmiş oluruz! 407 more words

Chords on Elektron Analog Four (in mono mode)

How to play chords on the Analog Four without switching polyphony on? Check out this guide.


major chord

OSC1: FIN+ 7 = G
OSC1 SUB: 5TH = C…
79 more words

Bon Adrien

Review: Elektron Analog Rytm

So I got this Elektron Analog Rytm, on my quest to assemble (possibly) an all-analogue setup for making a synth album.

Before I start diving into the feature lineup, and still later into some hands-on experience, I’d like to start with a… 4,098 more words