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Knife - breakdown and tutorial





Just a genuinely nice sequence that shows you get a long way keeping it simple. Models and scenes seem more complex until you see the post processing and grading.

After Effects

Summoners War - August Wallpapers

Decided to try adding some background to the renders, will update this post as I render more throughout the month. :)

Full Album at http://imgur.com/a/Wsind… 31 more words

Summoners War

Summoners War -Wallpapers [Saber Plugin]

Did some renders using the Saber Plugin, really liking the ease of use to generate particles. Definitely will play around with it further.

Summoners War

Summoners War - Animated Renders

Compilation of my existing 3D Renders of Summoners War. Listed from most recent to oldest.

Rakan Buffs – Why COM2US?



Baby Brownie Magicians sharing Orion’s ball… 45 more words

Summoners War