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Pantheon-Mail stretches horizontally across screen

I read about this error before but never faced it, until today.

I ran a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade… 109 more words

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create permanent alias eOS

Create a file name .bash_aliases in home directory
Then when we need to create a alias open that file in text editor(in my case: Gedit) with root privileges. 85 more words

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Check which is the default file manager - eOS loki

I was in a situation where i couldn’t identify which is my default file manager. after a brief google search I ended up with the following command… 13 more words

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Disable horizontal scroll & enable palm detection eOS loki

In my laptop Libinput is used as my touch-pad driver. this solution is for Libinput. you may have Synaptic as your driver. to check this open terminal and run… 562 more words

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Disable Bluetooth on startup in eOS loki

When I boot my laptop, Bluetooth was on by default:

after searching a while I found it is possible to set it to off when I start up my laptop: 68 more words

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No sound when plugging in headphones - elementary OS Loki

$ alsactl restore

And that’s that! :)

I ran into this problem when I connected an aux cable to headphone jack, nothing works when connected on that jack anymore. 6 more words

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install libreoffice 5.3

Foss Linux

LibreOffice 5.3 comes with plenty of new features. The most awaited ribbon interface which is a immensely popular in Microsoft Office is now available in the latest release. 301 more words

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