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Week 1 review on Elementary OS

Time passes really fast & it’s already 1 week since I installed Elementary OS Freya. Overall the experience was pretty rewarding & I’m glad that I didn’t had any other major problems other than installing Freya itself.Below are some comparison between the Windows & Freya… 177 more words

Elementary OS

Linux devs: Stop the whining

There’s nothing more wonderful than the release of a fresh new version of your favorite linux distribution. Every little app upgraded to it’s latest version, fresh new wallpapers in your favorite window manager, new hardware drivers, etc. 581 more words

Taking the plunge into Linux

Soooo after spending 10 over years on Windows OS, I decided to give Linux a try since I always see CS/SE students using them. BUT actually decided on this after chancing upon this really sleek looking Linux distro – elementary OS… 419 more words

Elementary OS

Deixar a tecla numlock habilitada no login do Elementary OS Freya

Muita gente pode estranhar a tecla numlock sempre desativada toda vez que retornar para a sessão. Apresento aqui um tutorial para contornar esse incômodo.

1 – O numlockx já deve está instalado por padrão no Elementary, verifique isso. 59 more words

Dropbox issues on Elementary OS Freya

As I tried out Elementary OS, everything went extremely smoothly except for one thing, which had never given me any issues on any Linux distributions, “Dropbox”. 161 more words


Install and play Future Pinball on Linux

I’ve always loved Future Pinball, it picked up where Visual Pinball left off and added full 3D awesomeness while still keeping the same, core programming features intact. 564 more words

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Fuck Linux. Well I kinda like the name but still, fuck it. I struggled for three hours to install Elementary OS and what was the result? 46 more words

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