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Linux Debian Family: Many Flavors. Many Choices.

Introduction to Linux

Linux generally known as a free OS family with Linux Kernel as its heart which is growing at a rapid phase. Originally created by Linus Torvalds in 1991 it is currently maintained by Linux Mark Institute under the supervision of Torvalds himself. 933 more words


Por qué CrunchBang es mi distro Linux favorita.

Hasta hace unos meses confirmaba sin ninguna duda que mi distribución Linux favorita era Elementary OS Luna. Aunque ésta sigue en un puesto muy alto dentro de mi escala personal ya no está el primero, como podreis deducir si sois minimamente avispados. 448 more words

Remapping keys in Elementary OS

I don’t have a “Super Key” on the right side of my laptop, so I’m looking forward to remapping my right ctrl key to a “super key”, and the “super key” to a “ctrl key”.


Elementary Os

List, Manage, Format Partitions or Volumes Ubuntu


The command lsblk lists all drives. Very helpful for viewing what address what partition is loaded at.

“Disk Utility” at Software Center is also a very good graphical tool for managing the disks and partitions, like format, partition, etc. 8 more words

Elementary Os


Ubuntu oh ubuntu, saya pikir saya ngak akan pernah bisa move-on dari Linux yang satu itu, setelah sana sini ganti-ganti ‘pasangan’, dari topi merah, anjing pupi, daun pedas, kadal hijau, sampai si biru, tetap hasil yang sama, ngak lama pindah, dan akhirnya balik lagi ke ‘mantan’, Ubuntu. 256 more words

Sistem Operasi

Don't Be A Cheater; Say "Fuck You" To Elementary OS

I love FOSS (Free Open Source Software). It provides a great alternative to properietary applications, often both in terms of cost and in security and transparency. 641 more words


Adding folders to the desktop... the easy way!

I know for sure I like organizing my desktop with folders… and then folders in folders. It’s just who I am. As much as I like the clean feel of Elementary, I’d like to add that functionality back. 152 more words

Elementary OS