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ROS Indigo with Elementary OS Freya

I’ve recently got my a new laptop for work, which is great, but this means I had to abandon all the comfort of OSX.

Of course for work I need an Ubuntu system but I set my eyes on a distribution called Elementary OS before, that is Ubuntu-based but tries to mimic the style of OSX. 273 more words


Elementary OS - Kellemes meglepetes

Mult heten szert tettem egy kiselejtezett P20-2 monitorra. Gondoltam az eddig hasznalt HTPC-bol, amit mar ugyis ritkan hasznalok, keszitek magamnak egy gepet. A processzor kivetelevel, ami csak egy gyengecske G440-es Celeron, a konfig tobbi resze elfogadhato allapotu. 103 more words


In pursuit of perfect Linux Distro

Disclaimer: the opinions and experiences listed on the site are my personal. In some cases, my understanding could be incorrect. Please point out if any corrections are required so that I can consider editing. 3,062 more words


The complete guide to getting started with Linux.

Part 1: Why install Linux?

It’s completely free, no matter what system.

Linux is completely free – for one million computers, or just one computer, with free future upgrades and free potential software. 1,517 more words


Week 1 review on Elementary OS

Time passes really fast & it’s already 1 week since I installed Elementary OS Freya. Overall the experience was pretty rewarding & I’m glad that I didn’t had any other major problems other than installing Freya itself.Below are some comparison between the Windows & Freya… 177 more words

Elementary OS

Linux devs: Stop the whining

There’s nothing more wonderful than the release of a fresh new version of your favorite linux distribution. Every little app upgraded to it’s latest version, fresh new wallpapers in your favorite window manager, new hardware drivers, etc. 581 more words

Taking the plunge into Linux

Soooo after spending 10 over years on Windows OS, I decided to give Linux a try since I always see CS/SE students using them. BUT actually decided on this after chancing upon this really sleek looking Linux distro – elementary OS… 419 more words

Elementary OS