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Weird Weather Vs. Art Exhibition

by Teacherlem Iglesias

CHOOSING the right venue for an art exhibition is as important as the art pieces you plan to show during the event. … 1,245 more words

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Getting My Room Together

Thursday 8/16

Spent the last 3 days, like the entire 3 days, in my classroom and it looks like I did absolutely nothing.  Still working around the previous teacher’s stuff and feeling a little stressed and worried.  240 more words

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Who are you? (1/3)

I am a N.E.R.D.

There is no doubt about it. I stand proud about being a N.E.R.D. You might ask why there is no reservation about me being a N.E.R.D… 247 more words

3rd Grade, Here I come!

Tuesday 8/14

Want to know the real secret to dropping 10 pounds fast? Stress about your job search.  And then, once you get the job, stress about your job! 272 more words

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Summer- Job Search

Friday 8/10

All I have thought about up to this point was “Get a teaching job! Get a teaching job! Must get a teaching job. 603 more words

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(Hi, I’m Hannah- A teacher turned SAHM to a wonderful little boy. I recently found an old journal of notes, scribbles, post-its, and loose computer paper filled with day-to-day happenings from my First-Year Teaching (several years ago). 286 more words

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School, Kidzania, and Manza onsen

Toma liked school in Japan this time around! We’re so relieved because he was miserable last year. Everyday he would ask if he could skip school, and he would follow his brother around at recess and not really interact with the kids in his class. 1,634 more words