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American Food Culture Sucks.

You read that right. I just offended your culture.

Now, this is not backed by a solid statistical evidence; but commentary on culture, even from sites such as the New York Times takes evidence from personal and second-hand experience. 745 more words

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Teacher's Pest

The long weekend is over, and that means time to head back to homeschooling. So much fun. I don’t mind spending time with my kids but the horror that has become school work in this house is a reoccurring nightmare (or in this case daymare) I get to relive every Monday through Friday. 1,504 more words

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Box: Henry Brown Mails Himself to Freedom by Carole Boston Weatherford

Box: Henry Brown Mails Himself to Freedom by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Michele Wood (9780763691561)

Told in brief poems, this nonfiction picture book explores a daring escape to freedom in the face of loss and brutality. 232 more words

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Storytelling for Kids!

Storytelling or reading a book to young children greatly increases their performance in becoming good listeners, while also learning new words which enhances their vocabulary. Telling children stories can also develop their creative thinking and imagination since they can create their own visions and pictures about the story as it unfolds. 63 more words

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So passes the time

So passes the time (for Mrs. Gracely and other good teachers)

Physical movement and memory are so closely intertwined that even a seemingly meaningless motion, like moving marbles from one box to another, alters the speed and tenor of recall.

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Lawsuit alleges school district knew about and ignored sexual assault

image courtesy Ingham County Jail

While if you’ve read a few of these posts (or just haven’t lived under a rock) it’s easy to see all teachers don’t have children’s best interests at heart, some legitimately try to help their charges – only to be thwarted by school administration. 538 more words

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