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Reading to an Audience

I know I’m up on the second anniversary of the blog, so I’m cooking something up for that. In the meantime, I’ve had a chance to read at my daughter’s school. 773 more words


Stop Spitting on the Floor!

I repeatedly have to tell this kids in my classes, “No spitting on the floor!” Today I heard one kid working a big snot ball out, “Snort,hock, hock, hock, hock.” I looked at him, and he knew I was going to growl if he spit it on the floor, but I was already all prepared in his mouth to spit. 41 more words


Graphing data in Tierra Amarilla

Last Thursday we headed back up to Tierra Amarilla for a classroom day with our 5th and 6th graders at Tierra Amarilla Elementary. We’ve collected some great water quality data and identified some benthic macroinvertebrates since last fall, and we took this opportunity to create graphical displays of our data that we can present at our open house event. 98 more words

Experiential Learning

Kisses For My Mother

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we have surely begun preparing for it in the classroom. This year we are showing Mom (or the special mother-figure in our life) how much we love her with lots of kisses in a love-filled picture frame.  366 more words

Teacher's Corner

25 Everyday Struggles Every Elementary School Teacher Will Totally Recognize


Getting hooked on coffee because it’s part of our survival.


Post it notes are our best friend.


Accepting the fact that students will bombard us with questions the minute we walk in the door. 312 more words

Boys Are Gross

My 4th grade student told me about her slightly older brother having a sleepover with his friends at their apartment.

Kid: “So I knew he was having a sleepover with all boys so OBVIOUSLY I made plans to sleep at my friend’s house.” 93 more words


Classroom Jobs

In my classroom, we’ve created a community of learners AND hard workers. Part of this includes my students each having a special job that they perform each day. 204 more words