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Jesus washes his disciples feet

John 13.1-20

Jesus got up at the passover meal to wash his disciples feet. By doing the job of a servant, he was demonstrating that he came to be a servant and wash the world of their sins. 823 more words

Lesson Plan


  Dogs are a man’s best friend because they are loyal. Dogs also obey. Dogs are good for all kinds of things. Dogs could protect you. Some dogs are cute & fluffy, some are mean, some are playful, some are good family dogs and some are good for sled pulling. 23 more words

Elementary School

I saw an Alien

Today I saw an alien and it wanted to see President Trump! The alien said take me to your leader!  I pointed to the White House and  he got back in his UFO and went over to the Oval Office. 103 more words

Elementary School

Interview with Ms. Brown

I am going to interview my teacher Miss Brown and here are some questions :

What is your favorite part of teaching the class?

MB: Fun projects. 60 more words

Elementary School