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Watercolor Grid

After discussing a painting by Jasper Johns, second graders drew a grid using crayon and filled each square with a letter of their name. Then, they painted over their drawing with watercolors. 417 more words

Elementary School


Papatga, E. & Ersoy, A. (2016). Improving Reading Comprehension Skills through the SCRATCH Program. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, 9(1), 124-150.

SCRATCH is a program which is accorded to the level of ages to reach the goal of education. 210 more words

Ancient History - 4th/5th grade

Secular homeschooling sites have a lot of questions about how to use the Story of the World series by Susan Wise Bauer. This is not a secular series – it has a distinct Judeo-Christian bias, particularly in the first two volumes, … 2,110 more words


History (and Fiction) in Context

Reading has been shown, over and over, to help readers of all ages develop empathy. Here are a couple of things we’ve been reading lately that may help students face the current situation. 253 more words

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A lunchbox choice gone bad

Made a lunchbox choice at 6:15am, but at 7:30am, time to enter school, realized you made a wrong choice. Ever happened to you? It happened to my biggest boy this morning. 379 more words

Down Syndrome

Play is important

According to David Hanson, principal at Wyndmere Elementary School in Wyndmere, N.D., math and reading are important, and so is play! Watch to see how play is shaping students at this elementary school.

Shaped By Play