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A New Book and Summer Ideas

Summer Goals: Read and write more!

Because honestly, I have not kept to my New Year’s Resolution of writing posts or reading quality books.  Between midterms and essays and finals (oh my!), the end of the school year finds me with little progress to show. 459 more words


The Baseball Game

It was Spring, 1960.

The last day of fifth grade.

The last day of school.

There were two fifth grades in our small town elementary school. 520 more words

My Life

Real Life {SpEd} Teacher Interview Tips!

While I doing some research to help one of my Paraeducators prepare for her first teacher interview, I realized that while there are lots of articles and blog posts about Teacher Interviews, they seem to fall short in material for Sp-Ed teachers! 1,384 more words


A First Grader with Big Dreams

I am a substitute teacher’s assistant for my hometown school district.  One of the positives of my position is having a variety of assignments.  My favorites are special education and physical education (P.E.).  406 more words

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast by Josh Funk, illustrated by Brendan Kearney

All-around silliness in rhyming couplets, Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast have adventures among the leftovers in the fridge.  In this book, they come to find there is only one drop of maple syrup left, so the breakfast breads race each other to get the last drop, rather than working together.  31 more words


Are you Smarter Than a Second Grader...When Recycling?

It was the second-to-last week of school before they broke for summer, and the second graders at Monarch Learning Academy, located in West Orlando, were looking pretty fidgety. 389 more words

Worm Loves Worm by J.J. Austrian

Worm and Worm are in love and decide to get married.  As all of their friends tell them all of the things that they *MUST* do for their wedding, in particular, choose who will be the bride and who will be the groom, Worm and Worm decide how to make the wedding they want.  42 more words