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Teen Shot And Killed Near East Columbus Elementary School

A very sad day in the city as two teens were shot and one dies in front of a elementary school Columbus Police state that “two 14-year-olds were found with… 37 more words

The 614

10 Facts About Jochebed (a Very Cool Mom)

You know how websites put up these posts about “10 Facts about (insert name of celebrity)“?  Well, Jochebed is a celebrity from long ago and recognition of her name has lasted for centuries! 500 more words

Elementary 07x01: Back Again!

And we’re back at last! After an agonizing wait, we can finally go through the adventures of Sherlock and Joan for one last time as they continue their cases, this time in London! 1,237 more words

Elementary Boss Talks [Spoiler]'s Prognosis, Teases 'Great Risk' Ahead

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s Elementary premiere.

It was the shot heard across the pond: On Thursday’s seventh and final season premiere of… 467 more words


My Favorite Teaching Tool: The Stack Audit

Teachers have a plethora of tools in their metaphorical toolkit, and often utilize many of those tools on an hourly basis. Some of these tools are taught in teacher education programs; however, many “tools” are acquired through experience and ongoing professional development once teachers are in the classroom. 999 more words


What To Watch: 05/23/2019

While on Wednesday, we may wear pink, on Thursdays, we wear monk’s robes, devil horns, and, well, pink. It’s really quite the party. So, here’s what we rec up on the telly tonight! 319 more words

What To Watch

Talking to Children about Disabilities

Explaining to your child what a disability is can be quite challenging. It is a sensitive topic, you need to choose your words wisely and create an open dialogue with your child so they feel free to ask you anything. 405 more words