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A Basic Lesson on Value - Drawing a Dog with Graphite Pencils

Shadows, midtones, and highlights which are caused by our trusty light source the Sun, make all the awesome stuff we see everyday visible. To create a believable and interesting 3D image on a 2D surface you must become BFF’s with these three things that make up the design element: Value or Tone. 527 more words


Icons, Icons, Icons

Icons can be seen almost everywhere. Emojis are icons, and they are used by most everyone. Behind every emoji, every icon, there is a designer that put work into creating it. 305 more words


Element 1: Line

Exploring the Elements of ART & Design

When you think of lines you probably think of something like a piece of paper or the bounds that keep you from driving off the road. 171 more words

Where Creativity Works

NBA Community Assist Graphic Reverse Engineered

In this post, I will be examining a graphic posted on the National Basketball Association’s Instagram page, depicting the finalists for the NBA Community Assist award, and instructing fans and followers on how to vote for the player they think is the most deserving. 412 more words


Elements of Design 6

Texture – This photo is great for texture. The cake on the outside looks moist and fluffy due to the slightly holey texture. On the inside it also looks moist but also a bit dense but yet still fluffy. 225 more words


Elements of Design 5

Form – In this photo Form is used on every aspect. The leafs are in the form of 3D leafs. Making them pop out more. Another form is the little spheres. 200 more words


Typoday Poster


Option 1

Option 2

Used the basic elements of design – dot, line, shape, form, color, texture and space. Hence, showing diversity in terms of colors, elements and the style.