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Spread Your Sight

When it comes to creating a standout magazine spread, one might not know where to begin.  It is always a good idea, to start with who you are targeting.  1,138 more words


Environmental Art

After discussing sculptural, specifically environmental installations, we successfully took the variety of objects we found in nature and unified them through color, shape, and size. These ephemeral sculptures we created were able to capture on camera before we returned the materials to the woods, being sure to leave no trace of us creating. 206 more words


Cut Paper

This cut paper mosaic project was perfect to wrap up our unit on color theory as it really drove home some of the key ideas we were presented in class. 253 more words


Change Color, Change Meaning

In this artwork, we cut out paper and glued it to a selected work and changed the meaning of it.  We found a piece of artwork that interested us and decided to change the color to change the way viewers will look at it.   62 more words


Photography: Monkey See, Monkey Do

I Like What I See

Many photographers, don’t start out with a perfect sense of capturing the best photo.  Often, they have to continually work at finding ways to improve, learn, and be consistent.  711 more words


Build Great Typography

In honor of the upcoming conference weekend, I chose to analyze the typography of a great message from one of last springs inspirational talks.
I found this version on DeseretNews.com .   381 more words


In the Studio with Laura Sweeney

After studying line and form for quite a few classes, my studio experience with Laura Sweeney was nothing short of rewarding and enriching. Upon viewing her artwork, it was well aware of her mastery over contour lines which were ubiquitous throughout her works and outlined her character’s three dimensional form. 243 more words