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Element of Design: Form

Form – A three dimensional area filled and surrounded by space

The final element of design that we studied in art class was form. We created plasticine reliefs in the style of…

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Photo Focus: Ryan Lobo

Welcome to Photo Focus, where I examine a single photograph. These short essay’s will give a greater insight into the individual image beyond its context within a group of photographs… 932 more words


Element of Design: Value

Value – The relative lightness and darkness of an object

We spent two of our art classes exploring the element of value, starting with practice creating a realistic drawing of a mug focusing on perspective and shading.

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Gallery Essay

For Foundations, the class visited an art gallery outside of Alfred State campus. The class visited the gallery to see what elements and principles of design were shown. 596 more words


Element of Design: Shape

Shape – Two dimensional line joined at both ends

We started our lesson on shape arranging foam stickers on half a page to create a design for print-making.

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What do Lines have to do with it???

Who Knew…

…That a line can influence how we feel, it can stir emotions, and it can set a mood. Interior Designers will often incorporate a variety of lines within a design to create a harmonious feel, and to convey a particular emotion. 330 more words

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