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Elements of Design 6

Texture – This photo is great for texture. The cake on the outside looks moist and fluffy due to the slightly holey texture. On the inside it also looks moist but also a bit dense but yet still fluffy. 225 more words


Elements of Design 5

Form – In this photo Form is used on every aspect. The leafs are in the form of 3D leafs. Making them pop out more. Another form is the little spheres. 200 more words


Typoday Poster


Option 1

Option 2

Used the basic elements of design – dot, line, shape, form, color, texture and space. Hence, showing diversity in terms of colors, elements and the style.


Elements of design 4

Shape – Shape is a little harder to find in this photo. Though it can be seen in the herbs on the top of the pasta dish. 227 more words


Shape color theory project

                Okay, for those of you are visiting my blog for the first time, I have been asked to post projects from an introductory class to computer graphics course at Long Beach city college California. 182 more words

Elements Of Design 1

Line – In this Photo the fruit is cut into very clean straight vertical and horizontal lines. This is to show the very distinct separation of the different types of fruit. 328 more words


Elements Of Design 3

Texture – The sesame seeds give the meat a more bumpy texture. Though the meat by itself has almost a combination of bumpy and smooth because of the sauce cooked into it. 255 more words