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Assignment 2 - Reflection

Both the exercises and final assignment of Part 2 of The Art of Photography course have opened my eyes & taught me so many new elements and tools in composition.   1,920 more words


Assignment 2 - Elements of Design

“you will need to suspend your natural inclination to see a photograph as a whole”

“The objective is to be able to identify the graphic elements in any photograph…” 153 more words


Exercise - Rhythms and patterns

The final exercise in part 2 is the only one to deal with groups of elements, rhythms and patterns, that are a form of repetition. 272 more words


Exercise - Real and implied triangles

The previous exercises have covered all types of directional lines,  now we move on to shapes.  The most commonly found shape is a triangle.  This can be either real; something that is triangular in shape, or implied; 3 points within the frame that can be joined with imaginary lines to form a triangle. 373 more words