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Visual Language

/back to the roots of design and communication/

Ricardo Eversely’s lesson brought us back to the roots of achieving an idea through core fundamentals and to make conscious decision making behind our designs. 416 more words


Elements of design (time)

March 28, 2016

This in-class exercise focused on different ways time can be deported using still images. The example used was a single picture of bread being toasted. 157 more words

Elements Of Design

Mystery Game & Jobs in the arts

This lesson plan was designed to get students involved in observing art work and making their own conclusions. It was also a way to teach students the different careers that exist in the arts. 183 more words

6th Grade

Assignment 2 - Tutor Feedback and Rework

So, Assignment 2 was submitted and the gruelling wait for feedback began…..and then came to an abrupt end just 24 hours later when the email popped into my inbox.   934 more words


Aztec "emoji" lesson

Students will recreate the Aztec sun stone by telling their own story using emojis. They will draw sketches which will be transferred onto scratch board next class period. 96 more words

5th Grade

Aztec Art Research

The Aztecs saw art as precious things, and you were lucky if you owned any. Their artwork was sacred to them. (http://www.aztec-history.com/ancient-aztec-art.html)

This is a website I found with an explanation of Aztec symbols :  136 more words

Assignment 2 - Reflection

Both the exercises and final assignment of Part 2 of The Art of Photography course have opened my eyes & taught me so many new elements and tools in composition.   1,920 more words