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Exercise 1

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I made this photo because we were asked to find images that utilized line, point and plane. This one jumped out at me because it includes each of these three elements of design, as well as contrast, rhythm and repetition. 399 more words


Day 102. Element of Design - Pattern : Raindrops.

I know, I know, this title sounds a little hoity-toity and studious but bear with me…

As a new “stay-at-home” mom I’ve rediscovered the thrill of the FREE local library. 278 more words

Elements Of Design

Learn this Basic black & White Technique to Improve Your Paintings!

Hi friends! Many times when a painting seem “off” it is because there is a problem with value. Value refers to how dark or light the elements in your painting are. 324 more words


Elements & Principles Of Design, Know-It-All In The Most Easiest Language

We all know the basics of designing; it all begins with a point slowly to a line and later to a shape, form, space, texture, pattern… 511 more words

Harrods Magazine-February 2015

Using triangles in posing models makes for a powerful dynamic composition. No surprise than, that they appear frequently when photographing models for fashion magazines, and they are widely exploited in advertising images. 60 more words

Elements Of Design

Elements of Design

A good design work is often more than just a good idea, you need to understand the elements of design that every designer should know and understand. 585 more words

Theory of Architecture - Elements of Design - Points, Line

Theory of Architecture – Elements of Design – Points, Line

Theory of Architecture 1

Design theories with emphasis on perceptual and proxemic sensitivities in organizing forms and space… 68 more words