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Drawing Experiment #001

How do the edges of a page affect drawing composition?

Pre-Experiment Observations…I like to draw big. I like to move my whole hand and my arm when I draw. 285 more words


Keep Lighting the World

This is the time of year to be reminded of the beautiful gift of the Savior’s birth. So, what better way to remember this gift, then by creating an ad to go with the 2017 #LighttheWorld initiative. 773 more words


Ceramic Modeled Form

In this project, we made a modeled form out of clay.  After watching the artist sculpt a portrait of a human, we made a modeled form.   98 more words

The Freshest Ad You Can Find

The task was to design a creative advertisement for a given product and given demographics. The product and demographics were randomly chosen by a random generator. 535 more words


Why A Spoon Cousin?

My latest project found me creating an advertisement while taking advantage of Adobe Photoshop. Using a random generator, I was given not only the product I would advertise, but the audience to whom I would be advertising to. 683 more words


Wild West "Icons"

You would think I would be posting about Billy the Kid, Buffalo Bill, or Annie Oakley, true old west icons.  While those are truly great characters to write about, this has a much more modern take.  1,026 more words