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Elementary, Dear Writer

The construct of the horror story contains certain predictable elements. I want to toss a caveat out here — not every story has all the elements or even any of the elements, but then not all stories are created equal. 1,225 more words


Day 21 - 21 January - More "Elements"

Sleep is for the weak and therefore I am weak, hah. I’m exhausted today. It’s more than just physical though, it’s mental and emotional. But, as always, we must keep persisting. 1,286 more words

Original Ideas

Friday Musings

So today, here in Northern California, it is a blustery day.  One that reminds me of the 100 Acre Woods with blowing winds and pouring rains and puddles, and pile ups.   434 more words

Elements of Prayer: SILENCE

Have you ever watched a married couple in a restaurant just sitting with each other, no one speaking, but both fully engaged with the other? Science shows that communication is more than words, just showing up is a huge part of communication. 277 more words


Guerrilla Gardening: Working With The Elements

First sunny day of the year! And what a day it is to be alive.

Inspired by dutty hands i discuss the elemental world, both in relation to the planet, humans, animals but also to our psyche, our souls. 309 more words


What are we? Really?

Are we our names?
Are we our jobs?
Are we our ego’s?

What are we?

Drawing on esoterica, meditations and psychedelic experiences I discuss my thoughts on what we are, how we exist and how people are often obscured from their truth. 316 more words

Self Development