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All Masterpieces Were Once Works In Progress — The Four Elements

Your life is like a painting. What others have to say about it is merely a critique.
Some people will like it and others won’t. 7 more words

The Cost Of Missed Opportunities — The Four Elements

The Stages Of Thick And Black
In the first stage, your face is as thin as paper. With friction, it becomes like leather, and at last it becomes as th

To Seek Existence Is A Natural Instinct — The Four Elements

Li Zongwu said, “to seek existence is a natural instinct.”

What he is referring to is the idea of self-preservation – a kind of innate selfishness.

Who Was Li Zongwu? — The Four Elements

“I came to visit a friend of mine who passed away.”

“But I’m not dead yet!”

After the brief misunderstanding was cleared up, he arranged for din

26 Epic Quotes On Manhood And Brotherhood — The Four Elements

Having lived most of my adult life here in Asia, and having been here in Myanmar for the last 7 years – I rarely see and I avoid dealing with occident

The Four Stages Of Awakening — The Four Elements

“Sariputta, ‘The stream, the stream’: thus it is said. And what, Sariputta, is the stream?”
“This noble eightfold path, lord, is the stream: right vi

Wu Zetian – The Enchanting Empress — The Four Elements

Let’s look at the story of Wu Zetian…

She was the only woman in the history of China to found her own dynasty and take the title of Empress Reg