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Lesson 1 - HTML List Elements


In this lessons, students will learn:

XHTML Basic Reference

*This may done in the following class. 11 more words

Intro To Web Design

Grounding with the Elements and Sacred Spaces

Continuing with the theme of grounding skills, another way to layer your ritual to add richness and depth is to create a sacred space and stratify your ceremony by including a focus on the elements: earth, fire, water, and air.  1,264 more words



I was not warm
when you reached out
you stepped forward
I leaped back
I did not comfort
your genteel thoughts
in a singular moment of doubt… 39 more words

My Art & Writing

The wind, Air element and emotions 

The wind, Air element and emotions

It’s creative, bright, quick and relational. Good at making connections and creating ideas, more and more ideas in one place and then another and another. 319 more words


A single drop

My world lies so deep

Caught within the moment

Of a trickle of movement

And slipping into

A single drop.

Life force flows endlessly

Flowing on a current of time and change… 164 more words


Advanced Character Animation - Animation Fundementals

Overlapping, Follow Through, Ease in, Ease Out and Squash and Stretch.

note: character was unfinished when animating, model has a few IK errors that cause strange movements (Specifically in Ease in)

水素 suiso—hydrogen

The RIKEN institute in Kobe (home of the Kei-computer) has been credited with the discovery of the 113th element, and now has the right to propose a name for it, taking its rightful place in the periodic table between elements 112 (copernicium) and 114 (flerovium) . 459 more words