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It's Summertime - What if I'm Not a Pitta?

It’s Summertime – What if I’m Not a Pitta?

All this focus on Pitta Types – but what if your primary element isn’t Fire? All the advice still applies during the summer, if you feel like you’ve been experiencing a Pitta Imbalance. 310 more words


Remodeling Ideas: The Essentials Elements of Well-Designed Kitchens

Ask anyone which part of the house they love most or the one they deem most important, and he or she is likely to say the kitchen. 107 more words


The wind and the rain will never care who you are.
Rains will soak you. Winds will dry you.
Only we are ashamed to touch and be touched. 48 more words

Poetry And Verse

Chakra Clearing and Balancing Meditation

I learned two chakra clearing clearing meditations over the years, but while I know it is very important to clear I only used them once in a while.   246 more words

Elemental Realm

Castor Wooden Watches

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Designer: Gonzalo Grebe

Category: Watches

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Made with natural elements, Castor watches are sustainable elements, both stylish and affordable.  31 more words


The Lady of the Crystal Cave (Music Video Screen Capture)

Ancient peoples saw caves not as dark, dank places but as entrances to strange and magical underworlds. So I decided to emulate this in a brief segment of a music video project for an overall fantasy-themed work. 278 more words


Wella Elements

I got a gift bag from Wella which includes a Hair mask, shampoo and a stay-on conditioner. I’ve been using these products for a few days now. 91 more words