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An Introduction to Collective Astrology

Currently I am in the process of publishing a lot of words about generational or collective astrology and its impacts. Collective astrology is a phrase I use to describe astrological factors that affect everyone born in a period of a year or more, so if there is something happening up there that is slow enough to be in the chart of everyone born in a single 12 month period, I am calling it a generational or collective effect. 7,386 more words


Dance through Space

The elements of dance are interconnected to make meaning and sense of a dance. Space explores the use of an area such as a stage and the performers. 312 more words


Dance through Dynamics and Musical Theatre

Dynamics was the central focus in this week’s workshop, exploring how energy, shape and force can affect the meaning of a dance. Musical theatre is a great avenue for using dynamics in dance to communicate a message and entertain an audience. 380 more words


HTML5 New Elements

HTML5 offers new elements for better document structure: 215 more words


Fire: An Element

I was born into a fire sign, an Aries child in a time of turmoil in the 70’s.  I have always been surrounded by fire symbols and tend to have fire represented in my life in so many ways from passionate exchanges on topics I adore, to a volcanic temper when allowed to erupt.  1,142 more words