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Holidays in Ukraine

New Years Day January 1-3

New years day is celebrated in Ukraine like other countries celebrate Christmas with spruce trees, Feasting and Ded Morozo (similar to Santa Claus) who is pulled in a horse drawn Troika on January second and third are considered festive days off Ukrainians. 191 more words


Musicians and Composers from Austria

        Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770 in Bonn, Germany. He lived there for 22 years before moving to Vienna Austria. 250 more words


"Elenore" - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

The Gimmes (is that their nickname?) do a punk remake of the Turtles’ splendid “Elenore.” The cover starts off as a terrific homage to the Clash’s “London Calling” while still remaining faithful to the original, one of my all-time favorite AM-radio pop hits of the 1960s.


quote of the day

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story

This quote tells you that you shouldnt let people put you down. 15 more words

“I say to the young: ‘Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively’.”
–Eleanor Roosevelt

Phantasy Star Online: RAcaseal Elenor Kit - Box Opening

And now the follow up to my Fanime Recap video. When arriving back home from the convention, I had a package waiting for me. Here I open that package on video, because all the cool (lame) kids are doing it.

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