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Elephant Ears and Pentecost

Our church has an annual festival just before Memorial Day weekend. Not only is the festival the biggest parish event of the year, but it also marks the beginning of semester recess for the local school districts. 1,854 more words

Saints & Angels

Overwintering Colocasia

In our mild Devon estuary climate (most years min temp -5 C and rarely more than 48hours) some of these very attractive large leafed ornamentals are actually hardy. 409 more words

This summer, I came upon this plant called Elephant Ears. They grew in abundance under the big, shady trees where we used to play as children in my grandparents’ home. 69 more words


Palmiers, Two Ways

Palmiers (you might know them as “Elephant Ears”) are a simple pastry made by rolling a thin layer of filling into a sheet of flaky pastry dough. 1,435 more words


Utah Scones & Honey Butter

Hello and Welcome!

Summer for kids in rural America includes camping, hiking, bicycling, swimming and hanging out with friends. For many families, summer also includes 4-H projects and the county fair.

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Shipshewana Craft Fair 2017 │ A Hobby & Travel Blog

Shipshewana is a place teeming with Amish buggies, Amish Peanut Butter, Amish food, and homemade crafts. If you live in the NE corner of Indiana you go at least once a summer–if not more–because what is a summer in Indiana without taking in the Amish filled community. 302 more words

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The Horned Rim Fan

I’m a big fan of David Hockney; always have been. That’s really why I bought the robin’s egg horned rims. However, all similarities end there, although old Hock paints a mean woodland. 165 more words

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