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Close-up of Elephant Ears.  My all-time favourite Hosta on the planet.

Early Spring, 2015.


Elephant Ears; I Hardley Recognized You

I walked outside that day & saw the same plants that looked gigantic to me years ago. ‘Elephant Ears’ are what my mom used to call them. 72 more words

Elephant Mouse Ears

The first pair of ears I made was with this fabric; I’m so in love with it, and that may have something to do with my immense love for elephants. 26 more words


Portrait of an Ear: Your Daily Elephant

No two elephant ears are the same. As pliable and soft as worn canvas, the leading edge of an elephant’s ear is often caught and torn on branches or by the tusks of other elephants. 100 more words

Cheryl Merrill


I go to bed every night and snuggle up under my blankets well assured of the fact that all of you are a) familiar with the flower crowd trend and b) like it a little, in spite of yourselves. 543 more words


Bedding Plant Sale

It’s time for our annual Bedding Plant sale! We had a great Spring 2015, but are tired of watering, so now it’s your turn!

Hanging Baskets and Planters are 20% off! 58 more words


Endless Summer Bummer

It’s summertime once again and that means it’s time for shitty carnivals to roll into town and take your minimum wages. That’s right, all the same rides and shitty foods that nostalgia wanted to forget are back! 892 more words