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Elephant Ears

The first time I tasted a fried pastry was when I was a kid and the lady working at my home took me to her house. 222 more words


Jumbo Elephant Ears

At around the beginning of the year we spotted jumbo elephant ear bulbs at Walmart. Last year I bought an Elephant Ear and love it so much that I just had to try a jumbo. 411 more words

Elephant Ears

Cultivating Colocasia

I’ve always liked elephant ears: Big rubbery, flappy happy-go-lucky heart-shaped semaphores that appear designed solely to convey optimism and joy. So rapidly do they appear in North America’s summertime that one day there is nothing, the next small packs of fine Cohibas unfurl here and there, and by the end of the week you’re in the… 176 more words

Art Review

Elephant Ears

I chose elephant ears because I love getting these at the fair and I can even make them at home now.


Before or After?

Frost is a four letter word to a gardener. (Ok. Not really, but you know what I mean.)

There are many tender plants that need to be lifted BEFORE frost. 352 more words

Elephant Ears

Front Porch Beauty

While flipping through the sketchbook that I’ve been busy filling, I realized this coleus sketch was not shared yet.  It is not a masterpiece or anything, but it is one of my more successful attempts at painting looser. 89 more words