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Utah Scones & Honey Butter

Hello and Welcome!

Summer for kids in rural America includes camping, hiking, bicycling, swimming and hanging out with friends. For many families, summer also includes 4-H projects and the county fair.

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Shipshewana Craft Fair 2017 │ A Hobby & Travel Blog

Shipshewana is a place teeming with Amish buggies, Amish Peanut Butter, Amish food, and homemade crafts. If you live in the NE corner of Indiana you go at least once a summer–if not more–because what is a summer in Indiana without taking in the Amish filled community. 302 more words

Hobby Life

The Horned Rim Fan

I’m a big fan of David Hockney; always have been. That’s really why I bought the robin’s egg horned rims. However, all similarities end there, although old Hock paints a mean woodland. 165 more words

Life Review

The Experts' Guide to the Oregon State Fair

Last year, the Oregonian posted a pathetic 4-paragraph article entitled, Grasping the Last of the Oregon State Fair: A Guide for Your Personality Type, and I lamented that my friend, Courtney, and I could have written a far more insightful guide to the OSF. 787 more words

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Coffee Cups Caterpillar Crapper

This is NOT how I intended this to turn out.

I have been very pleased with the new placement of Colocasia escuelenta/ Coffee cups/ West Indian Kale near the small fish pond. 99 more words