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Half way through the year

I can’t believe it is almost half way through the year already. Time is really flying by fast. Though I think I have said that at the beginning of just about every post for the last year, and it really is no excuse for laxness in blogging. 192 more words


Dying in Captivity – Hanako, an Elephant’s Legacy

Hanako, which means “flower child,” was a female Asian elephant gifted in 1949 to Japan by Thailand, as a symbol of friendship and peace. 1,094 more words

Animal Welfare

Butterflies in her eyes and looks to kill

Today on the All About Me writing prompts list, found here, is to talk about what animal we would be, and why? Further proof that I write nothing ahead of time, I posted the picture with the elephant yesterday and this is probably my animal. 387 more words


Why is Lauren going to Thailand?

For those wondering, what in the world is Lauren going to be doing with elephants? Why is she going by herself? (*calm down mum, i mean this theoretically.*) Why is she going all the way to Thailand? 503 more words

5 Inaccurate Facts About Animals By The Angry Cretin

There are many things we are told about animals that aren’t actually true. Here are five inaccurate facts about animals. 214 more words