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Elephants at last....

“Move out the way!” shouted the man as the elephants approached the river.

I thought this was bit of an over reaction, there was plenty of room for him to pass, but I did move slightly more to the side. 452 more words


Elephants Don't Belong In Canada

Elephants living in Canada are captive elephants. The climates in which they live and prosper are warm climates and if they have not been entrapped in the tourist or logging trades in Asia, then they have the opportunity to wander freely for kilometres each day in search of food and water along old migratory routes.And while they face many challenges in their native environments (something we’re working to change) having them live in captivity in zoos and circuses is not the answer at all. 632 more words


#earthlings - A elephants lullaby.

Happy elephant at a rescue with gal that has known the elephant since it was a calf. She’s singing it a lullaby and apparently swatting flies for the big guy, not sure about that but I am sure there is a whole lotta love in the room.😎💯


#Travel #500px : Morning Walk by amdprasad by amdprasad #photography#IFTTT

Elephants taken for a walk in the early morning. Shot at Elephant Village in Surin, Thailand. Every house there has minimum one or two elephants as pets in their backyard traditionally used for working with the logs. 32 more words


A bad habit

When I was walking past a group of elephants in Thirupati, I was intrigued by how these huge creatures were being held by a small rope tied to their front leg. 206 more words