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New elephant earrings in my shop

I love these elephants and it seems many others do as well. Every item I listed  using these cuties sold out and I ran out of the charms and it took me close to two years to find more. 160 more words

Wine Charms

Crush the Greeks

These Greek invaders are about to receive the elephantine punishment they deserve for pestering the kingdom of Kush.

This is inspired by the apocryphal “Alexander Romance” claiming Alexander the Great of Macedon once tried to invade Kush, but was scared away by their Kentake (Queen) and her force of war elephants. 27 more words


Ivory Linked to Terrorism?


On August 25, 2015, CNN News, reported that Bryan Christy, National Geographic fellow, had linked the Ivory trade to terrorism. 172 more words


Lion Mission Completed!

What an amazing Kruger day we had last week! So amazing, in fact, that I took more than a thousand pictures just of lions.. (and naturally, with me being so bad at selecting the best of the best, this post is going to a long!) My vehicle party consisted of Deon, my family, and the other two-week guests so we were already well acquainted and joking from the start! 1,165 more words

the Elephant (from a previous blog entry dated September 28, 2004)

As I save up for a new tattoo, I think of the old ones that I’ve adorned my body with and the stories each one reminds me to never forget. 846 more words


Proposed Elephant Bullhook Ban in California Would Be First In Nation

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – The California state Assembly has passed a bill to ban the use of bullhooks to guide and discipline elephants.

SB716 by Democratic Sen. 113 more words


San Diego zoo's elephant care facility

The basics of life are food, water and shelter. Everything else is a bonus. In the animal care world we call that Enrichment – used to improve the quality of life; providing stimulation of some kind perhaps physical, mental and/or social. 113 more words

Animal Enrichment