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Happy Mothering Sunday - Elephant-style

Dedicated to my own dear Mum (1924- 2015)

“We are all mothers in our own way. We like to “mother” or nurture others – be it family, friends, pets or plants. 38 more words

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Humans Slaughtered Mammoths But Can They Save Us from Climate Change? #global warming #rewilding #elephant

Rewilding is “large-scale conservation aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and core wilderness areas.” In North America and Europe, projects are underway to protect and reintroduce large wildlife, including predators, and reverse habitat loss. 467 more words

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Earth Hour Day.... Be part of it.

With out a doubt we’ve all noticed the bizarre weather changes over the past few years? Snowing in June, heat waves in December and still having the heating on in April. 631 more words


2017-03-24: Feel Good Friday

I’ve not posted a feel good Friday post in some time, and decided I needed to share a bit of elephant love!

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend. 61 more words


Harbour Town Adventures

The combination of an oxygen high at first light dashing through the forest, combined with the smell of freshly cut pine and red wine still pumping through your veins must be close to the ‘Exilir of Life.’ … 342 more words


Summary Healthy Wisdom #4 - #7

A few recent pearls of wisdom from Herb and Ginger for good mental and emotional health :)

To read each bit of elephant wisdom, go to ……… 30 more words

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