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How to Deal with Toddlers Who Make Themselves Vomit when Upset

Elevated emotions could cause your toddler to toss her cookies.

A toddler often keeps her emotions right near the surface, ready to erupt and spew at the slightest provocation. 15 more words

Optimism and Pessimism

Pessimistic people are always trying to show the optimistic ones that there is no hope in this world. Optimistic people are always trying to show the pessimistic ones the opposite. 232 more words

What do you do when you feel content in life? You know it is not going to last forever but you still hope that it does. 193 more words

#QuestionOfTheNight - Password or Nah??

Sooooo, when in a relationship should you have each other’s passwords?? Why or why not?!? Tweet us at @985KLUC & let us know!


When The #GetOutChallenge Goes Completely Wrong!!

So I attempted the #GetOutChallenge but it didn’t really work out…


Someone did what you asked them to do

When God endorses you and shows you through someone else that you are on the right track wow, now that is priceless.  This morning God used someone else to answer my questions to him and to build me up.  385 more words

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