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The Interview Pitch

Learning how to pitch your career goals, skills, and achievements at interviews is the most crucial factor in landing you the job.

In other words, prior to an interview, it would be wise to plan ahead and do a little homework! 722 more words


Elevator Pitch

Hey, everyone! This is the pitch for this project that I did today- I hope you enjoy!


Elevator Pitch

A few of my friends have been busy writing Statements of Purpose, essays, giving interviews, and so on for getting into their dream colleges. We’d discuss this sometimes, and I would admire their patience and courage. 473 more words

Creative Writing

Micro Presentations/Elevator Pitches

This is a lesson plan designed for higher levels (B2+) to help students develop their presentation skills. Download the phrase sheet and topic cards below: 486 more words

Conversation Classes

The Elevator Pitch

As a dancer I get up and perform in front of people on a regular basis. I don’t want to say that I never get stage fright because that is not true in all situations but overall I enjoy performing in front of a crowd. 518 more words

What's your elevator pitch?

I, along with probably every scientist at some point during their PhD, get a sinking feeling when someone that I don’t know well asks “so, what’s your PhD on?” 454 more words

Please Pass the Eggnog: Make the Most of Holiday Networking

As the Halloween decorations are being put away and the menu for Thanksgiving is being drafted, an even more all-encompassing season will soon be knocking on our door: the winter holidays! 551 more words

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