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Week 12: Classwork

Elevator Pitch Exercise
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In this week 12 workshop we were advised on what things we needed to include for our presentation for assessment 3.

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Class Work

Job Hiding and Seeking

Over the course of my career, I’ve weathered economic downturns and corporate restructurings. But my never-laid-off streak was broken this Spring when — two months after… 976 more words


I practiced for my elevator pitch everywhere: in my Uber driver's car, at the hospice house and while walking my dog (we were running and I was breathing hard, so I wouldn't look like a crazy person talking to myself)


I started my elevator pitch with a question.

Also, I wanted to discuss the main aspects of the elevator pitch. So, I said a problem that many people have is they cannot see what their view of tourist venue is going to look like when they are buying their ticket online. 649 more words

About Lee Lohman

Elevator Pitch

Creating and presenting my elevator pitch was a great learning opportunity. I feel that the hardest part while creating the speech was making it so it wasn’t exactly like my partners. 222 more words

Reflection on Elevator Pitch

When I started working on my elevator pitch, I knew that I wanted it to be brief and to the point. When we started watching some of the examples of elevator pitches, it seemed that they often got bogged down by statistics. 564 more words

Ninth Inning Pitch. Elevator Pitch.


With a big sigh of relief, I survived my class’ elevator pitch assignment. In all honesty, for an assignment that’s been associated with so much dread, I didn’t think it was too much of a teeth-pulling experience (but still not a complete cakewalk, mind you). 454 more words


Surviving, Thriving, and Learning: Takeaways from my Elevator Pitch

Well, I did it. I survived. In my last post I spoke of the daunting task I was facing: writing (and eventually delivering) my elevator pitch… 472 more words