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You wanna know / what’d make a great animated TV show? / a bunch of lovable characters that grow / and sprout / and rootlessly run about / in a spooky, kooky kinda Victorian hothouse / on the balmy banks of the Thames / I mean – okay – it’s basically MPs and their shady business friends / but this time as HERBS! 280 more words


The elevator and the stress of knowing exactly what to say

As a writer, I craft strings of words into sentences. Those sentences become paragraphs that eventually blend into chapters to create a novel. To say that process is easy is ridiculous. 341 more words


How To Create Your First Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches take humble-bragging to a new level. At its core, the concept of an elevator pitch is to squeeze all you can about your talents, strengths and work experience into the time it takes for an elevator to travel from one floor to the next. 644 more words

How to elevate your Elevator Pitch

1K Blog Marathon: Day 59

You only have 30 minutes. No no, 10 minutes. Okay, let’s trim it down to 5 minutes – you have 5 minutes to pitch in your idea and proposals to your boss or to a potential customer. 632 more words

1000 Days Of Blog

Friday's Findings

Going to be working on not one but two novels this weekend. It’s a balancing act. Wish me luck. Meanwhile, here are some articles on writing I’ve found helpful: 35 more words

Writing Tips

A Simple Pitch

You had always drifted

Just outside my circle

Floating over my world like 

A stone skipping on water—

So serious and detached

When you passed by… 156 more words


Brand You!

Find out how to stay on top of your game and promote your personal brand during virtual networking events.

When you hear the term “elevator pitch,” what comes to mind? 351 more words