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Research shows that employers want employees who can talk in front of people. The thing that every college student hates the most is what employers are looking for. 810 more words

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Ah, the dreaded elevator pitch. Everyone hates it, but being able to deliver a successful elevator speech is vital for selling one’s brand, business, or simply oneself. 356 more words


The Inspiration of Airbnb

Reading about elevator pitches from highly successful startups made me extremely excited to present our own pitch on our anxiety app, which was the exact opposite reaction that I was expecting to have. 420 more words


Where to Find Money to Start Your Business

I was always told “It takes money to make money” and the truth is – investing in your business is a necessity. The reality, on the other hand, is that most small business owners have a hard time securing seed money necessary to launch their business. 490 more words

Mastering Your "Elevator Pitch"

So. Grace Hopper is fast approaching, and you’re terrified of speaking to recruiters. What the heck are you supposed to tell them? You know you will bore them with a list of accomplishments, and they can already see those on your resume. 415 more words

7 Tips For Career Fair Success (ISU Style)

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I recently completed my first year at Iowa State University, where I experienced more success than I ever could have hoped for. 1,590 more words


Writing an elevator pitch should be easy, right? It’s just one sentence, maybe two, the gist, the… For me, it’s the process of condensing 115,000 words into a handful of meaningful, plot-hinging terms.

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