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Deal 1041 Preview

The Lottery:
Dice roll: 2, 3, total 5
Grim Reality: Selfishness elevator
Present Day: Learning Cat
Hopes and Dreams: Hope balm

Daily Deal

One option is to sign up with a club or group buy elevator

Find Time to Exercise: Imperative for your good health and your normal heart’s operation is to exercise regularly and frequently. If it is difficult to find those extra minutes during the day to visit the gym or participate in any sport, select to use the public transportation that is available in your area and get off one stop before your final destination in order to walk; if that is feasible of course. 295 more words


Next Up; The Big Red Beast

The next piece of equipment that needs a bit of work is the Big Red Beast, my name for the old dump bed farm truck. 306 more words

In The Fields

What was the cost of creating this imposing Chinese Escalator

Ostentatious, extravagant and excessive are words that could and probably should be used in describing features of this massive construction, originally designed as the world’s largest Orthodox Cathedral. 242 more words


Elevator Karma

Today’s elevator conversation started when I thanked a nicely dressed younger woman with long brown hair for holding the elevator for me. I often talk to strangers in the Texas Medical Center. 272 more words

Denise Bray Hensley

Just across the hallway is a Guest Suite which Chinese Escalator

His Chinese Escalator is most impressive, clad all around in Pavenzo marble. Spray nozzles controlled by six porcelain taps completely surround the shower for a full-body shower experience, way ahead of its time. 209 more words