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The elevator descended for much longer than Bell was comfortable with, but then he was standing in a shop of impossibilities and unlikelihoods so what did he know? 1,708 more words


Safety: A Primary Concern of Modular

If you work in construction at all, you’re probably familiar with the the term “workplace falls”. Two past headlines concerning workplace falls involving elevator shafts include: “Worker Critical After Fall Down Elevator Shaft” and “Man Recuperates After Surviving Fall Down Elevator Shaft.” In the first example, the scaffolding the man was working on collapsed. 804 more words


The One Stop


The War ran like a man demented. Arms pumping, spittle hissing against the flames on his back, he resembled nothing so much as a demon from Hell coming to drag Nobody down to its darkest depths. 1,173 more words


Sonnet of Descent

We are between floors.There are no windows.
A finite space. Clear boundaries. No surprises.
We look in the direction of travel
Though we have no control of our descent. 89 more words


Morning, JOE.

I enjoy elevator awkwardness.
I like putting my phone away to feel the uncomfortable environment.
I like making eye contact to acknowledge another person’s existence– who can potentially be trapped with me for hours. 322 more words

Lunges in the elevator

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Lunges top me time in elevator

Or, if you are a start-up entrepreneur, practise your elevator pitch… 665 more words


August update

I try to build more and blog less.  For no other reason than this is a record of the build, but not necessarily a “how to” guide on building.   386 more words

Build Log