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daily rant - 00057 - elevator etiquette...elequette.

Picture this:

You’re leaving the office after a long and stressful day. You approach the elevator bank to see someone already standing there waiting. ‘Perfect!’ you think to yourself as you get closer, only to discover the button hasn’t been pressed yet and that jerk was just standing there on his phone, probably waiting for his boyzzz to go grab some dranks at the bar. 489 more words

Deal 464: War is war

War is a one of those dangerous concepts that seem in perfect hindsight that someone ought to have never invented. It does seem to be a deep part of the human psyche to wage war. 429 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 464 Preview

Root and Branch:
War, live, Infinite, elevator, Traitor, Spatula, tuxedo.

Daily Deal

Five-Hundred Word Challenge 50: Trying to Talk to People in Elevators

The weird thing about elevators is that they allow for meeting people with far greater ease than we realise, but because they’re so transitory in this manner, it’s rare that you’ll say anything to them, missing a great opportunity to discover someone new who may share your interests, therefore leading to a great friendship, or something else. 520 more words


Broken elevators leave elderly, disabled residents stranded in Punchbowl building

Some elderly and disabled residents say they are trapped after the elevators in their seven story building stopped working.

They live at the Punchbowl Home apartments, which is run by the Hawaii Public Housing Authority… 325 more words


Newly discovered fear of elevators

I didn’t used to be afraid of elevators. I used to enjoy when I had to take the elevator. It was like a mini theme park ride. 78 more words