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Elevator | By Sam Cooney

Up I Go

I wished it before, that the door wouldn’t close

Yet so it did, my fear swelled, I froze

At the door of the elevator, you’ve been there before… 351 more words


Please Don't Take the Elevator Down | By Nina Olsen

To misery and back is where I’ve been

I cannot say if I like it here or there;

But I do miss it.

The screams and the anger bursting out, 75 more words


The Gravedigger's Handbook to the Farewell Address | By Becca Wyeth

The Gravedigger’s Association is proud to present the following handbook as an aid to families who are emotionally struggling with the death of a loved one. 961 more words


An Account Of The Events On My Elevator Ride This Morning

I saw her today.

A girl rushed to the elevator as the doors were about to close. She hurriedly pressed the button in an attempt to catch the lift. 543 more words

News of the Week, October 23 to October 29.

Oregon Spectator, October 29, 1846
Those of the emigrants who came by the way of the Mount Hood road, have all safely reached the valley of the Willamette, and a large portion of them are already on their claims, busily engaged in promotion their comfort and welfare. 2,761 more words


The Separation

Last night, I went to the casino to go see a movie. I saw the accountant by the way. Thought it was great. Anyway, I went to this movie and after it was finished I walked back to my car. 406 more words


I enter the elevator and
Door Close Door Close Door Close
I jam the button over and over and WOOSH.

Safe and sound.
Four floors without awkward silence and gaze transfixed on the numbers beeping incrementally upwards. 245 more words