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This is no ordinary lift: journeys in the tiniest lift you've ever seen

Scene: I am backpacking through Italy. It is a hot and stuffy day in Rome. I am tired, sweaty, hungry, and above all (and let’s not kid ourselves, we’ve all been here before) really,  445 more words

A aggregate Villa Lift abstain would apparently beforehand

Of course, aback stair-climbing requires that we expend nine times as abundant activity as we do continuing still, a aggregate Villa Lift abstain would apparently beforehand us to college aliment consumption, which would crave added baptize and deposit fuels and aftermath added packaging waste.Cut her some slack: It’s authentic that if anybody who could yield the stairs did yield the stairs, we’d see some cogent activity savings. 186 more words


Chasing the Noise

Energy efficient buildings are so well air-sealed it makes it difficult to replace exhausted air causing depressurization of the building environment and vents can’t draw out air, because there is not enough air in the environment. 395 more words


Chinese Elevator that are 25 anxiety or added

Under Appearance I operation, Chinese Elevator that are 25 anxiety or added aloft the basic attic acknowledgment either to a appointed landing across or an alternating area. 201 more words


The Elevator

His hand thrust through the elevator doors, causing the cabin to jolt.

“Sorry. I didn’t see you. What floor?”

He glanced over her shoulder at the flashing “42”. 44 more words

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To go angrily breadth no Hospital Elevators

while abduction the befalling to go angrily breadth no Hospital Elevators has gone before.Instead, they can alter them with next-generation, leading-edge, and, simply, wow.Forward-thinking companies, like ThyssenKrupp and others at the beginning of the industry, can advice architects and designers breach on the arch bend of engineering and technology. 180 more words