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Inside the Memphis Glass Pyramid

We are in Memphis, Tennessee at the “Glass Pyramid” which is now the Bass Pro Shop megastore. Before 2009, the city of Memphis owned it and they had NBA official games there before a new large stadium was built. 75 more words


The one thing you should never do is...

The one thing you should never do is…fart in a small elevator with more than 6 people in it. Yes it has happened to me and my farts are like actually rare so it was tough for me to handle… 161 more words



An elevator motor from the World Trade Center. On display at New York’s 9/11 Museum, recovered from the rubble after the devastation. The motor was huge and the damage could be felt from it.


Odds and Sods: The Peculiarities of a Chinese Elevator


Ah, Ernest (Neighbours….). A bespectacled high school kid of about 17 who lives on the third floor. I’m not sure his name actually is Ernest but it suits him. 473 more words

Find the Magic Number - Elevators Per Building

Talk about a tricky subject! Few try to tackle it in a blog because no matter what I write, there will be people that take exception. 1,006 more words


Cell Phone Zombie Apocalypse

One of my favorite workplace afflictions are the people you ride up in the elevator with who are so enraptured with their phone (clearly unnerved by their proximity to other people) that they get off on the wrong floor, still looking at their phone, and then they realize it, but don’t realize it soon enough to get back on the elevator, and they do that “Oh umm oh oh gosh!” thing and reach out the try to stop the doors from closing, and we all watch the elevator doors close on them, knowing they’re now stuck on the wrong floor. 108 more words


Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I’m baaccccckkkk! This is another Purpose Project update. So since my last post, some things have happened. For starters, I actually started filming people, so we’re three down and 17 more to go, PROGRESS! 94 more words