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May 16, 2018

That same night my baby was airlifted from the hospital in my hometown, I was discharged and rushed to join him in the NICU of the new hospital where he had been transported. 578 more words


5 June 2018 – Pages 9-03 and 9-04

Back to metal today, mainly getting the closeout tabs on the elevator skins bent.  Not much of a job actually; line it up, clamp it, bend it, flatten it, then align it,    It almost took more time to type than to do. 52 more words


2 June 2018 – Page 9-03 (foam work)

Time for a different activity and a shift from metal to composite.  Foam, more specifically.  The elevator and trim tab aft ribs are made out of a stiff structural foam, which comes in the kit as 5 blocks of uniform size.  328 more words


31 May 2018 – Page 9-02

A fun start to the section with lots of little bits to play with followed by a bit of component assembly and final drilling.  I got to the section where I needed to glue the templates to the foam for the ribs and realized I didn’t have anything appropriate to use, so I stopped a touch early for the night.


First Kit DONE!

Fiberglass work was actually pretty interesting and fun. I was a little bit afraid of how it was going to work, but I feel the results are good. 165 more words


30 May 2018 – Start of Section 9 (Elevator)

I will admit it – I got ready to get going on this section yesterday and, while reviewing the drawings prior to starting, got a wee bit intimidated. 127 more words



So, when I first started ELEVATOR, I wanted to post a scenario at least once a month. Sadly, that hasn’t been happening.

Well, there’s an ELEVATOR reboot (pun intended!) in which there will be a scenario every month, starting with JUNE! 12 more words