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Stairway into the solar system

Forget space rockets transporting us into space, what we need is an elevator.

According to NASA this is entirely possible! 217 more words

This Man Tried To Violate A Woman In The Elevator, But He Got A Taste Of His Own Karma!

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The CCTV camera is a big help to all the establishments for it captures the whole happening within the day. Whenever there is a crime, it can help identify and solve the mystery. 11 more words

12 policemen get stuck in an elevator and call firemen to help them out (photo)

The fire crew of the Kansas City Fire Department couldn’t resist taking an ‘epic’ photo when they were called by policemen of the Kansas City police department after 12 policemen got trapped in an elevator. 26 more words


elevator on stress

rode around

and its own painted picture

and thought on the mission

and its own base

and where it forever

and it shall long to become… 48 more words


Why are there 3A, 12A and 12B on the Elevator Buttons in Malaysia?

“Yeah, I mean why can’t they be 4, 13 and 14? Isn’t it hard to not indicate them as it is?” I asked one of my Malaysian friends. 543 more words

Curious Questions

Vertical stabilizer is done

Time: 2 hrs

Finished the vertical stabilizer today. Will have to get a picture. It came out pretty good. A few small spots that the skins do sit perfectly flat on the frame, even though I checked that all the flanges were level on the frame. 102 more words