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Elevator - A Taste Of Complete Perspective

I Wanna Taranna Pt. 3: BMV #3 Elevator – A Taste Of Complete Perspective

Elevator started out as Elevator To Hell, then Elevator Through, then just Elevator. 232 more words

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Who's a Good Boy? - Part 10: It's very nice to meet you

Anita Reed is sitting in the elevator. She’s been stuck for forty minutes and counting. Above her, through a little hatch is a maintenance worker, offering words of encouragement, in-between swearing at wires; she’s been ignoring him for the last half an hour reading an e-mail from her phone. 462 more words

Who's A Good Boy?

a letter to karen: part II

it has been a truly devastating day here at uht.

not only for the 100something people who are here over the break and were relying on karen’s services, but also for the many souls that karen has touched with her work. 482 more words

Tanka T136

Give me a ladder –
Don’t need no elevator –
Nor escalator –
To get myself to the top –
I like a climbing challenge… 89 more words


Stand Clear

To the three of you who have bought into my facade and think me a saint, I have bad news for you: I stared down a smirking red-headed woman yesterday, left foot on the brake, right foot hovering inches above the gas pedal. 1,480 more words


Quote of the Day #47

“The elevator to success is out. You’ll have to take the stairs.”

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