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Random Encounter [2016/8/21]

I went into the elevator. Smell of perfume. Strong perfume. I am forced to inhale the whole smell as the elevator descends down to the lobby. 181 more words

My Life

Photo challenge: Rare

The Daily Post photo challenge for this week: Rare



Photo Challenge


It was a rather hot day in November. I remember circling around Fuente Osmena trying to locate the entrance to the building where I was supposed to have an interview. 1,163 more words


How to make an elevator in minecraft

This video by MrCrayfish will show you how to make an elevator in Minecraft.


A Windowless Elevator with a 360º Panoramic View

The Amoreiras Tower, in Lisbon, Portugal, recently added a rooftop viewing area that is open to the public. The top of the tower is one of the highest spots in the city, and the viewing area gives an impressive 360º view of the surrounding area. 224 more words

David Warms Up: Day 28


LUPE, 30s, adjusts the nametag clipped to her scrubs and enters the ugly elevator. One of the overhead lights is burnt out, the other faded to a sick yellowish-green. 498 more words


80% Of The "Close" Buttons In Elevators Don't Actually Work

Let’s be honest for a second, nobody likes an elevator full of people. In fact, sometimes you hit the close door button just to avoid people! 120 more words