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The secret undo codes for Japanese elevator floor buttons

Elevate your elevator etiquette by deselecting a floor button you hit by accident. 318 more words


Onions and Elevators

K, I have to admit it, I love onions. Yes! Love them!

I not only cook them and put them in EVERY single food I make, I also just peel them, slice them and eat them, you know like any other raw vegetable I eat. 960 more words

Minister resigns over massive Taiwan blackout: Reports

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: Taiwan’s Economic Affairs Minister Lee Chih-kung resigned after a malfunction at the island’s largest natural gas plant on Tuesday (Aug 15) caused a massive blackout that affected millions of households amid a heatwave.  331 more words

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Day 14 Earliest Childhood Memory

This 30 day challenge has been bomb so far. The best part of open journaling and challenging myself is that no day documented is perfect. There is so much hard core stuff that happens in between bullet pointing my day or what could be on my iPods shuffle.

608 more words
30 Day Challenge

A Blank Canvas - The Architect's Dream

Architects often see setbacks worthy of quitting when trying to integrate the restrictions and requirements of GC’s into their artistic design.

One of history’s most important artists could have also let setbacks and failures crush him as a young painter. 626 more words


Cable Free Elevators - The Future of the Lift

The first public elevator was installed in a New York City building in 1874. Since then there has not been much change to its design. Most elevators still have a range that is restricted by the cable system that holds it in place, as well as the direction in which it can go. 355 more words

Endless Fire