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Finished Trim Tab Bends

I finished the bends in the trailing edges of the trim tab skins last night. I followed the recommendation in the plans and built a bending brake out of two pieces of 2″x8″ and a couple door hinges. 144 more words


Elevators primed and ready for assembly

Over the last couple months I’ve been working hard on the elevators. At this point all of the elevator parts and primed and ready for final assembly. 438 more words


Bishop Nehru & MF DOOM Reunite On “Rooftops”

Bishop Nehru recently revealed the release date for his forthcoming album, Elevators: Act I & II, to be March 16th. The album will be entirely produced by MF DOOM and Kaytranada. 35 more words


Don't Suffer Buyer's Remorse

Recently, we got an all-too-familiar email when following up on an apartment complex bid we had put together on an elevator project. We had been asked to provide a bid for a new project, and about a year had passed since the project had been awarded.  657 more words


Elevators Are A No

This post is definitely not the next post I planned on writing or sharing. I also wasn’t expecting to end our OC trip with me in tears, Shawn’s severely bruised and swollen finger, and us waiting on the police and fire department to arrive. 1,210 more words


The Elevator

The Elevator

Driving home from work, I looked forward to stepping into an empty flat. With Hugh away on business, I didn’t have to worry about cooking. 326 more words


The other side of an elevator in an elevator enthusiast's eyes

The elevator, or lift, is a mode of vertical transport that moves people or goods between levels of a building, vessel or any other structure. To many people, it is meant to transport them from level to level with a call from a button. 698 more words