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Chapter 5: Am I Rational? - Elevator edition

People think that they are rational. People think that they have good reasoning skills. Well, correctly speaking, every one thinks the same. I often doubt myself for being rational. 902 more words

Ricks Hall - Elevator #4 Being Serviced

Good Morning, Elevator #4 in the Ricks Hall is being serviced, the part is expected to arrive 8/18/16 and repaired shortly after.

1911 -Elevator #1 Being Serviced

Good Morning,

Elevator #1 in the 1911 building is being services, it is expected to be repaired by tomorrow 8/19/16.

MEDIA UPDATE: 8 extraordinary public elevators around the globe.

In many cities, particularly older coastal cities where neighborhoods are separated by difficult-to-navigate escarpments, lifts serve much the same function as subways, light-rail and buses: …

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Media Update

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