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Elevators Almost Finished

Meggin and I got all of the foam wedges and the trailing edge wedges glued into the trim tabs and elevators. I thought maybe the Proseal would be easier to work with this time around since the weather was warmer than the first time we used it for the rudder trailing edge but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. 198 more words


You Should Care - Non-Proprietary Please

The words “Proprietary” and “Non-proprietary” elevator components and parts and the costs associated with them can be a a bit cloudy depending on who you are talking to. 884 more words


Wheelchair lifts and Elevators Have Made Life Easier For Those With Mobility Restrictions

Even a few years back the thought of installing elevators at home would have meant two things. One, that the person is very rich, or the homeowner has a taste for luxury. 504 more words

Stair Lifts Pittsburgh

Lifts: Judging A Book By Its Cover

We all do it.

It’s hard not to. Yes – judge others. We see someone in an elevator and leap to some conclusion about who they are, what their values might be, their manners or lack of, financial status, their hometown and the behaviours typical of people from these places etc. 888 more words


Home Elevator Information and Cost - Metro Manila, Philippines

Home Elevator Information and Costs

Home Elevator Information and Costs

Things to consider before you buy a residential elevator in the Philippines

Once only for the rich and famous, a home elevator is now an affordable luxury to make the home barrier free and convenient. 1,009 more words

Yikes! Creepy Cameras and Nosy Parkers.

It was late at night. Danger was in the air…

No, not really. Just an average evening in Block Six’s lobby. No-one was around – just me. 409 more words


Chinese FAQs for the Foreigner

Eye contact and small talk. In a lift.

Not something that happens much in China. Here, strangers don’t usually make eye contact unless they get caught out having a sneaky glance. 609 more words