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You Should Be Able To Un-Press Elevator Buttons

Boozies with day jobs…

Listen I was at work the other day which sucked, it was 8 o’clock in the morning and I was hungover per usual. 473 more words


Workplace Etiquette For Those Raised In a Barn

Many people far and wide have given me several compliments on my manners and polite nature. Some even have come to me for my secret, asking deeply personal questions like “Oh Content King, how do you know the correct and appropriate way to behave in every situation?” Stuff like that. 2,014 more words


North American Brass Band Association Championships

It was only two weeks ago that I was performing Stockhausen’s, INVASION-EXPLOSION, in Amsterdam and I have been in a completely different realm of music performance this past weekend: the North American Brass Band Association Championships (NABBA). 765 more words

One Liners of the Day: Toupees, Elevators, Mark Hamill, Bridezillas, iPhones & More!

I don’t trust therapists with toupees. If they can’t get over their insecurities then how am I going to get over mine?

Not only did the elevator stop at every floor but it even stopped in between a floor just see what’s good. 133 more words

One Liners

Never Let Immobility Be An Excuse!

Recent times have changed, and residential elevators are no longer just for the elderly or rich and influential. The cost of materials has decreased significantly, and with reforms in the industry, residential elevators are growing more and more of a useful addition to one’s home. 306 more words

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