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Elevator Dancing

When I go onto an elevator and I’m by myself I’ll do a little dance.  Because, why not?  We need these moments of inhibition to let go of all the commotion in our daily lives.   86 more words

Broken elevators make residents prisoners in their own homes

Lilla Sproul, an 80-year-old great grandmother, has lived in the same fifth-floor apartment at 2205 Davidson Ave. in The Bronx for almost 40 years. Now she can never leave, a prisoner of the building’s dangerous and broken elevators. 436 more words

New York Post

Chinese Guy Jumpkicks Elevator Door, Gets Dragged to Hell

Totally on this guy’s side here. Elevators are the damn worst. They take forever, you’re trapped in a box with random people who might talk to you, and they become a gas chamber if somebody rips ass. 249 more words

Song of The Day: Outkast "Elevators"


Outkast… Andre, Big Boi… nuf said. #StatusLife #TheStatusLifeDotCom #AsAboveSoBelow


Elevating the awkward


Can we just take a second to think about how awkward elevator rides can be? I mean come on people.

I live on the 11th floor of my dorm building. 559 more words


Give It. A SECOND.

Times are changing. And so, it would seem, are people’s manners.

From sidewalks to subways, it’s as if the unsaid rules of courtesy towards strangers are evaporating. 515 more words

Completely Random

World's Most Famous TV and Movie Elevator Moments (Plus, Cool Facts!)

Many thanks to TK Encasa for creating this informative and entertaining graphic.

Read more about Great Moments in an Elevator.

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