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Doctor Who-The Eleventh Hour

A fanedit of The Eleventh Hour with a few minor additions and trims,  cheif among them being the end of “The End of Time” for the pre-credits, and the omission of the fish fingers and custard scene, Jeff’s dirty internet history, The Doctor changing clothes and confronting the Atraxi, and The Doctor and Amy’s conversation outside the TARDIS


Quips, questions and The Name of the Doctor (2013)

River Song (Alex Kingston) has a succinct assessment of the Doctor (Matt Smith), which she delivers in The Name of the Doctor: “He doesn’t like endings.” We might adapt it for showrunner Steven Moffat by saying “he doesn’t like explanations.” His style is to not explain everything to the audience and to not let exposition slow down a story. 1,300 more words

'The Night After Hallowe'en' by Mark B. Oliver


Title: The Night After Hallowe’en | Author: Mark B. Oliver | Length: 16pp | Published: 2012 by bbc.co.uk/doctorwho

Description: n/a… 22 more words


'Attack of the Snowmen' by Mark B. Oliver


Title: Attack of the Snowmen | AuthorMark B. Oliver | Length: 21pp |  Published: 2011 bbc.co.uk/doctorwho

Description: N/A… 22 more words


Doctor Who Fan Art Spotlight: Staypee


When did you first realize you had artistic inclinations?

It was never a conscious thought. I think that like most children, I grew up doodling. 914 more words

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Doctor Who-Eleventh Hour Sample

Here’s a sample from some of my test edits with The Eleventh Hour

I decided to trim out The Doctor calling the Metraxi back to Earth. 89 more words