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The Timeline of River Song

We’ve been (un)lucky enough to have River Song accompany us and the Doctor for a long while now, but, whereas we’re following the chronological timeline of the Doctor, River is following her own, rather different timeline. 928 more words

Checking out Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

It’s not everyday a TV show turns 50 and is still around to celebrate it! When 2013 dawned, the BBC was ready. They celebrated Doctor Who  704 more words


A Tale of Two Doctors

For the record, I haven’t seen the episode where Ten and Eleven are both there at the same time. But I did have this dream and write it down before that episode came out. 766 more words


Doctor Who Series 9: Companion Closure - What's in a Series?

Doctor Who’s seasons and series have waxed and waned for over five decades. Face the Raven set a new bar, with a companion departure seemingly setting up a maybe-two part finale. 3,190 more words


Falling for "The Impossible Girl": An Unexpected Love Story

by Lauren Bancroft

In terms of the linear progression of cause and effect I’m actually a fairly new Whovian. My buddy Katie tried to get me into Doctor Who about four years ago but I just couldn’t get past The End of the World. 1,983 more words

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Recipe: Fish Finger Cookies and Custard

Food is a staple of the game table. One works up quite an appetite hurling the 2d6! It’s just one of the reasons that we decided to start sharing our favorite… 255 more words

The Nth Doctor

Doctor Who Wednesdays #46

The Doctor: “But a hundred and one places to see, and you haven’t been to any of them, have you? That’s why you keep the book.” 78 more words