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'12 Doctors, 12 Stories' Review – 'Nothing O'Clock'

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The ’12 Doctors, 12 Stories’ series continues on ‘Bradley’s Basement’! Today, it’s time to look into ‘Nothing O’Clock’ by Neil Gaiman, featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy. 77 more words

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I am the remaster, and you will obey me (part one)

It’s always funny, when I look at the hit counts, how two of my most popular videos are the ones I don’t like.

Maybe it’s the price of exposure.  1,017 more words

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Nightmare In Silver

Tony rides the Spacey Zoomer.

The Cybermen have, over the course of their fifty years of Doctor Who history, not been treated well in terms of story. 1,500 more words


Tombs, moonbases and Nightmare in Silver (2013)

Moffat’s earliest Who memory is of watching Patrick Troughton and wondering where the real Doctor, William Hartnell, had gone.  …The Doctor Who of the 1960s cemented Moffat’s idea of perfect televisual fear. 1,032 more words

See You Soon

Hello! I’m still alive! I’m beginning to think that blogging is just the opposite of how I’m wired or something. Anyway, I’m here today because of a song called “I Found.” You may have heard it. 98 more words

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Doctor Who's best speeches | 3-1

Click for: 12-10, 9-7, 6-4 in this series!

3. Eleventh Doctor, The Big Bang

The Eleventh Doctor says farewell to Amelia Pond in this beautiful, pathos-laden little speech before he steps into the cracks in time and disappears from the universe. 726 more words

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Doctor Who's best speeches | 6-4

Click here for: 12-10, 9-7, in this series!

6. Eleventh Doctor, The Pandorica Opens

Eleven’s epic speech in the first half of the Series 5 finale was pure bombastic speechifying. 397 more words

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