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The Elf's Destiny: 'Tis the Season for Romance

It had been a long journey, but at last he found himself at the door. It was the same door as a year earlier, yet different. 594 more words

Jack Rory

Deal of the Day

If you’ve thought about getting the Elf on the Shelf and didn’t want to pay the insane $29.99, today is the day to get it. 55 more words

Deals And Steals

Peace the eff out, winter.

My new “I love meditation and strive to be happy” mentality is all for trying to make the best out of situations, but come ON Mother Nature. 504 more words

When the Holidays Are Too Much, Because They Aren't Enough and Other Conundrums


Above is an excellent rant that encapsulates the overwhelming expectations of the culture where holidays are concerned.  Are you feeling the drag of trying to keep up with the ridiculously overblown expectations your kids have picked up from the culture? 759 more words

The Snaggle-Teeth Kids

We have tooth issues in this house. First, Jack kicked Natalie in the face and her tooth fell out. The dentist assured us it was loose anyway. 547 more words

Green Thumb

Today I had a rare hour with no meetings or school commitments of any kind. I thought about doing something crazy like catching up on work in the morning rather than at midnight. 661 more words

Five Fun Birthday Traditions to Start With Your Kids

How does your family celebrate birthdays? If you’re looking for a new birthday tradition to start in your family or if you’re looking for some ideas to make your kids’ birthdays extra special, you’ve come to the right blog post. 668 more words

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