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Cake over the fence: On the Ball!

All edible hand-crafted soccer boot and ball on chocolate cake with mousse filling, and all covered in fondant icing with butter cream piped grass. A similar cake like this was ordere… 9 more words


I Think I Have a Problem: Strange Elf Addiction

Y’all, I’m so ashamed. Instead of a closet full of beautiful shoes, handbags and clothes, I have a spare closet full of elf accessories. 🤪 As the saying goes, “The first step is admitting you have a problem.” As embarrassing as this may be, here is a sort of behind-the-scenes look at my elf addiction.

Elf On The Shelf

Adventures of Elfie 2017

This is rather late … but better late than never I suppose! Right?! I apologize for a Christmas post in February, but I promise I have a good excuse for being so late. 486 more words



The cultural perception of “fairies” is a multifaceted thing. Because it comes from so many sources, and was passed down mainly by storytelling traditions, each race filtering the legends into their particular set of ancient myths and newer folktales, it is almost impossible to believe that the “elves” of Tolkienesque Fantasy are derived from the same source as the hideously demonic “elf on the shelf.” 2,632 more words

The Elf On The Shelf® in Seen Too Much Evil

You would never believe the horrors The Elf On The Shelf® saw; not that you could ever tell from that incredible manufactured poker face- that permanent winsome smile, those large painted eyes always looking away, the stupid lashes, and that damn eternal impish grin. 241 more words


Keep the home fires burning

An abiding memory of our whirlwind trip to England is Mr J sitting in front of one roaring fire after another.

We were fortunate to enjoy no less than… 742 more words



I always await Advent and Christmas with great excitement. It’s my absolutely most favorite time of year.

Zawsze z wielka ekscytacja oczekuje adwentu i okresu swiatecznego. 746 more words