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31 Days Challenge - Day 15

Day 15 – Timeline of my day

Today’s been a busy day. It’s my youngest daughter’s birthday party!!

  • 6:20am: Wake up, morning routine (brush hair, brush teeth, get dressed, make coffee).
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Angry Elf on A Shelf

I was out running some errands earlier this week, and a song came on the radio… as often happens with radios… Already Gone, by the… 191 more words


Elf on the Shelf

What are your thoughts on the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon? Here is an article from the Huffington Post to describe it for you are in the dark. 41 more words

Elf on the Shelf! 

Christmas time!!!! Such a magical time of year! I love all things Christmas!!! While we don’t do Santa in our house, (we know his story, but we also know what the season is actually about) I absolutely love the idea of Elf on the Shelf!! 118 more words

Utah father's photo series featuring baby as a leprechaun attracts world-wide following

SALT LAKE CITY – A local father is getting world-wide attention for his latest photo-editing project starring his 6-month-old son, and the mischievous little leprechaun is making folks smile just in time for St. 333 more words


Foucault and the Elf on the Shelf

For others — like, say, digital technology professor Laura Pinto — the Elf on the Shelf is “a capillary form of power that normalizes the voluntary surrender of privacy, teaching young people to blindly accept panoptic surveillance and” “reify hegemonic power.” 206 more words