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Christmas Drive-In Movies At River District December 11 & 12

Well it’s time to bundle up, load up the car and head down to River District to watch a Christmas classic movie.  If you’ve never experienced a drive-in movie, here’s your chance. 161 more words


Top Ten: Reasons I Love Christmastime

With December just around the corner, I’m going to dedicate this Top Ten list to reasons I love Christmastime. Christmastime is one of the best times of year and here’s why: 422 more words


A Christmas Connection

The Christmas season is officially upon us. I love seeing all the Christmas decorations and the cookies that are everywhere. People saying ‘Merry Christmas’ and everyone just seems more joyful. 458 more words

Islamic Etiquette

(A/N) Author’s Note: This is just some basic stuff to remember. Smiling is charity in Islam, so when that old man tells you to smile, SMILE! 273 more words

Daily Life As A Muslim

How To Deal With Non-Muslims

A Muslim’s goal should be to convey the message of Islam to all people, to deliver it freely, and to establish justice on earth by using Islam. 433 more words


Family Life

In Islam, family life is very important because it is the basic unit of society. The Islamic family is not a nuclear family, consisting of only parents and children. 335 more words

Daily Life As A Muslim


Naturally, people need alone time. Time to reflect on life and merely to take a breather, but some people take this to the extreme and hermit themselves. 378 more words