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Papillion League

The note read,


Meet me behind the fairy markets, by the east gardens, 12:30am. It’s important…


I re-read the letter at least seven times before I folded it way neatly into my pocket. 1,908 more words


Cute for Class

I was feeling inspired before class this week, so I thought I would put a little extra time in and share this look with you. I was feeling a little J. 113 more words


Another Abandoned Work… Taryn, The Legacy (Chapter 4)



Taryn arrived back at her dorm at 1pm and went to lie down for a little while. She hadn’t slept well in a few nights and needed to relax. 2,089 more words


From "Demon Tequila, Gibberodeo, and Unspecified Amounts of Sugar" by Axton Wales

“I just…I haven’t seen her in so long,” bawled Vakt the Rosy into his cups.

“There, there. Tinuviel’s just not feeling well after getting scratched up by a jackalwere in the middle of a cavern infested with gibberlings,” said Iffy the elf. 666 more words


100% Drugstore #MOTD

Today I went thrifting with my good friend Angela, and I thought what I wore on my face for you.

I started off by putting on my Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer, which is my all time favorite moisturizer. 164 more words


Cosplay Sat - Lord of the Rings and Hobbit

Hello Universe, Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Well this week is a question I posted during the week on Facebook. I had an overwhelming response so I will ask it here… 17 more words


ELF Primers Review

Okay, I know, I know. Ever since ELF has become avaliable in CVS, I’ve basically talked about nothing else. I like cheap makeup that works well – so sue me. 559 more words