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Used 2014 Organic Transit ELF FOR SALE

Slightly used but modified human electric hybrid velomobile. 

GATE - Episode 1

So if you haven’t heard yet, a transdimensional gate opens up in New York Tokyo, and orcs and romans begin pouring out, and attacking civilians. Yes, it actually shows some of them dying. 166 more words



For my high school graduation, my best friend made me a dress. Not just any dress, though, mind you – it’s purple. And slightly elvish. Because obviously that is the best sort of dress there is. 55 more words


Makeup Brushes & Sponge Collection         

 Today I wanted to share my makeup brushes and sponges collection with you all! I also wanted to mention that this is in no way a review for these brushes, reviews are on the way but I might mention some things on them. 285 more words


5 Minute | g r w m |

(g)et (r)eady (w)ith (m)e

After doing my morning skincare routine, I’d go ahead and apply my makeup. On a typical day, my goal is to look alive and head out the door… 142 more words