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I would gladly do it but I am suffering from social phobia. I cannot manage being in a crowd of people. – Elfriede Jelinek http://ift.tt/1Scr5fr

Elfriede Jelinek

La muerte y la doncella I-V, de Elfriede Jelinek

Jelinek, en esta serie de textos dramáticos, retira de la figura de las princesas toda noción de magia, de recurso poético o literario.  La autora aborda la tensión existente entre criatura e ideología, entre fantasía y sistema -hacer hablar al tropo no desde sus cualidades estéticas/fantásticas, sino a partir de sus consecuencias sociales-. 237 more words

Fringe Elements

Monica Carter on Adrian Nathan West’s tr. of Josef Winkler’s Natura Morta

“With proponents such as Elfriede Jelinek and Thomas Bernhard, it’s difficult to understand why Josef Winkler hasn’t garnered more of an English-speaking audience. 147 more words


gradually quickening

Erika’s back, where the zipper is partly open, is warmed. Her back is warmed by the ever more powerful sun. Erika walks and walks. Her back warms up in the sun. 39 more words


tender tissue

The knife is placed back in the handbag. A gap yawns in Erika’s shoulder; tender tissue has divided unresistingly. The steel has entered, and Erika exits.

Elfriede Jelinek, The Piano Teacher


flowing stream

Groups of young people coagulate in the flowing stream. They form vanguards and rear guards. Committed young men resolutely have experiences. They keep talking about them. 18 more words


humble pie

Erika Kohut clutches the aberration of a real knife in her handbag. Is the knife going on a trip or is Erika going to eat humble pie and beg for male forgiveness? 27 more words