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Aftershock - 2012

Anytime you throw in Eli Roth’s name you can expect some good ole blood & gore. In his English film debut Chilean writer/director Nicolás López… 274 more words


Knock Knock (2015)

One of the newer movies I purchased last year was one that seems to really be only known for its sexy moment, however, Keanu Reeves somehow always has this spot in my heart and I’ve fallen behind on watching a lot of the newer movies so here we are with Knock Knock. 1,007 more words



The Sacrament (2013)

My first film review of 2017, is one I wish I had written sooner. In fact, I think I was searching for what it is that I wanted to write about this. 200 more words


Blumhouse and Eli Roth's CryptTV, Michael Bay's 451 Media Team on Horror Short (EXCLUSIVE)

CryptTV and 451 Media are partnering on a new horror short based on the feature-length script for “Jericho Hill.” The film centers on serial killer brothers who become social media stars, and respond to internet trolls by terrorizing a couple and invading their home. 165 more words


Clown (movie review)

Clown was a movie from 2014 produced by Eli Roth. The guy that also did Hostel and Cabin Fever. The only two good movies by him I can think of that also weren’t an excuse for torture porn. 1,376 more words


The Stranger(2014)

The Stranger

Eli Roth* film about totally not vampires.

A stranger enters a town. He has a vampire like blood disease. His blood is poisonous. He meets…his son? 372 more words


Clown, 2016

I really thought I was going to hate this movie.

For one thing, it had Eli Roth’s name smeared all over it like dog shit smeared all over a nice shoe. 1,417 more words

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