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Members Church of God International

The official name of this group is the Members Church of God International. It is also often referred to as Ang Dating Daan (ADD), which translates as “The Old Path,” the name of its international TV broadcast. 852 more words

Cults And Heresies

Teoría del Big Bang y la Creación: ¿Cuál a creer?

Negar la existencia de Dios es negar automáticamente también la autenticidad del libro sagrado, la Biblia. Hay tantas acusaciones filosóficas, no científicas y tontas hechas por la gente sin Dios contra la Biblia. 3,392 more words

El Camino Antiguo

Bible Knowledge came from GOD not in University of Men

Is Men’s Education or University Diploma a Requirement in Preaching the Gospel?

This is my comment to splendor1618 whose blog is dated Aug. 30, 2014 catered by Splendor who keep on bragging their educational attainment as priest and CFD while the opponent according to this priest is spreading stupidity. 2,012 more words

Bro.eli Soriano

The Laughable Argument by Eli Soriano and #atheismisbelief

I recently discovered Eli Soriano’s blog about atheism when I noticed that #atheismisbelief was trending on Twitter. I tweeted about it, but I feel that I need more than 140 characters to explain. 554 more words


May i ask, is my understanding of the four winds correct?

The bible say to the angels holding the four winds of the earth, “hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees til we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.” REV 7:3…

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Eli Soriano


Construed, it is understandably correct to affirm that Christ coming would be possibly in 2010 bec the exegetical value of presumably inferring it from correct biblical equation—having it within a definite interval of years—would have it correctly calculated. 523 more words

Christ Coming