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Heaven's Not Enough | Part 27

Shax did a small rumble, then took Krahe’s hand and pulled her into the portal. Once they were all safe Ryn closed it off, then walked from the room, not looking or speaking to anyone. 2,424 more words

Heaven's Not Enough

Heaven's Not Enough | Part 26

There were some manacles on the wall, which using some muscle, the angels managed to get Ryn into. She didn’t seem to be fighting as much as she had at first, and now all that was left was for them to decide what to start out with so they could get gradually worse with it until she was left begging for them to stop. 4,538 more words

Heaven's Not Enough

1/07 Update: Reach

Hey everyone, happy Sunday! Lordie sakes, it feels like just yesterday that I wrote this; I think it was at some point in early September of last year? 2,719 more words


WWE RAW 1/1/2018

RAW starts off 2018 with a WWE Intercontinental Championship match where Roman Reigns defends against Samoa Joe, but if he gets disqualified then he loses the championship. 4,748 more words


Heaven's Not Enough | Part 25

Elias raised an eyebrow at Ryn. “Elias,” he said. “Eli even; not Wings.” He cast a glance to Krahe, before opening a portal. He wondered if she knew exactly how special her ability to heal was. 2,410 more words

Heaven's Not Enough

Of Gifts Given and Lagom

I was curled up on my window seat, watching the snow fall and tracing patterns in the fog my breath left on the window. I wanted to know why missing someone, and the ache to be with them, seeped into your bones; until it was impossible to remember a time when you didn’t feel that way. 828 more words

Heaven's Not Enough | Part 24

Elias couldn’t help but think that it felt good to be home. It had been years, but he was finally back, for however amount of time it would be, and as he glanced over at his right wing, which had suffered some damage, making it incredibly hard to fly, he couldn’t help but wince a small bit and hope the seraphim would be able to heal it. 2,792 more words

Heaven's Not Enough