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Ascendent is now for sale!

This has been a long process, and I hope it’s the start of something new for me. It’s still totally surreal that I can now say that I’m a published author. 60 more words


7/20 - Double Feature

Hello hello! Oxer and I are very excited to present the first update for Saligiare, and what better way to kick things off than with a double feature? 3,006 more words


This Week in Doonesbury: Mental Health in the Age of Trump

I’m not going to write about myself very much in these pages, but I will note here that I read this week’s Doonesbury strip through the lens of my own mental health issues, namely a case of generalized anxiety disorder that I’ve been carrying around for quite a while. 604 more words


Double Feature + Teaser

Get hype! After a whoopsie on Oxer’s part that Wys pointed out, we decided to post content for all four characters tomorrow– a double (quadruple?) feature, if you will. 308 more words


Es llamada la casa Topo… Por Elías Cababie Daniel

Y se halla ubicada en un paraje casi glacial de Wisconsin, sobre un terreno cuya área se compone de suaves colinas y barrancos estrechos.

Dicha vivienda de baja altura se ha construido conforme un volumen parcialmente enterrado entre la montaña a la que le sobre sale un plano de cubierta de cobre que ha sido meticulosamente detallado y que se halla enfocado hacia el suelo donde se extiende a los campos adyacentes, simulando una especie de alfombra verde localizada en la parte inferior de la propiedad. 222 more words