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Top 5 Call of Duty Moments

Everyone has a certain video game series that they play religiously. I have a few. Pokemon, NHL, Final Fantasy, and Call of Duty. Yeah, a little mainstream, but I could never get into the Fallout games, the Dark Souls games (Though I played the pain in the ass game known as Dark Souls 3), and PC gaming was never for me. 870 more words

Artist Review#2 - Elias

Elias is this amazing swedish artist who deserves a lot more recognition that he currently has with 3,671 youtube subscribers and 1209 Twitter followers.

“Let’s start a revolution, how beautiful, it is” – Revolution…

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Canales de Ámsterdam Por Elías Cababie Daniel

Hay una ciudad que descansa sobre canales, muchos dicen que su sistema fluvial es mucho mejor que el de Venecia, lo cierto es que no existe una comparación alguna. 274 more words