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9/17 Update

Happy Sunday! I too have given up mental stability in exchange for good grades. Gotta make sure that tuition is doing its thing, y’know.

Unpack this post for the day’s update! 2,745 more words


Elias Canetti “Kütlə və Hakimiyyət”

Nobel mükafatı laueratı olan Elias Canetti bu kitabı 1960-ci ildə yazıb. Müəllif bu kitab üzərində 30 il işləyib. Hökmdarlar barədə müşahidələri eynilə indiki dövrün diktatorlarına uyğundu. 2,065 more words


9/10 Update

Happy Sunday!

My cat is currently laying on my hand as I type this, which I suppose is fitting, because this update has to do with cats. 3,031 more words


9/3 Update

Good Afternoon! It feels weird for it to be September and for me to still technically be on summer vacation. This summer I think was the best I’ve ever had, even if it’s not like what conventional college kids are supposed to be doing. 2,754 more words


Elias Samson

He’ll always be a Samson to me!

I think of all the people in NXT, most people would have agreed Elias Samson was not going to do great when he moved to the main roster. 77 more words

8/27 Update

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means (Or at least I do, because I’m the one responsible for it): new update! Apologies for the threatening picture, you’re going to meet quite the threatening character in a few hundred words! 3,253 more words