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Providence, Prayer, and Protest

I said in a previous post that “’Liberty and justice for some’” isn’t a world we can tolerate, especially when we’re not included in “the some.’” 1,115 more words

NON au changement proposé par M. Pierre Aidenbaum, du nom du Square du Temple en Square Elie Wiesel !

Le maire du IIIe arrondissement, M. Pierre Aidenbaum, https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Aidenbaum  a annoncé le 24 septembre 2016, dans Le Parisien, vouloir changer le nom du “Square du Temple” en “Square Elie Wiesel”. 342 more words

2016 Election: Choose A Side

The other day, I spoke to a coworker about the current election. He said, he wasn’t going to vote for either candidate because he does not think either are fit to be president of the United States. 373 more words

Cast Your Vote

A Comic, a Candidate, and a Few Bad Cops

What Do They Have in Common?

“Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you.” Wendell Berry

The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.

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Making sense of the dark.

If anyone could speak to emerging from the kingdom of night, it would be Elie Wiesel. Taken with his parents and sisters to Auschwitz, Wiesel writes of horrors beyond comprehension endured in WWII concentration camps, including the shame he felt in overhearing his father being beaten but being unable to intervene. 217 more words

Grace is Practical

You don’t have to have your eyes open very wide to realize there is something horribly wrong in the world. I recently picked up a book given to my oldest son Steven by his teacher – Mrs. 980 more words


Holocaust Lit Fall 2016: Week 6 Imre Kertesz's Fatelessness

This fall, I’m blogging about my course on Holocaust Literature. You can catch up on the first two installments here.

We’re already through six weeks of the semester, and if you’re keeping track at home you know I’ve missed three weeks. 3,208 more words