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Fall Week 5 PPJ | Elif Yargic

Since we changed our story, I had to do mocap again. Last week I acted out and Elly helped me capture. This time it took longer to capture because we have more shots. 310 more words


Elif and Paul's Wedding, Boston, Mass

…had a great time photographing two of my favorite people as they tied the knot in Boston yesterday…


Fall Week 3 PPJ | Elif Yargic

We decided to use mocap for our previsualization so this week I captured all the shots we currently have. My husband acted out all the actions we need for our two main characters, John and Billy. 139 more words


Küçük Elif için uygun ilik aranıyor

Afyonkarahisar'da, 10 yaşındaki lösemi hastası Elif Öz'e uygun donör bulunabilmesi için ilik nakli kampanyası başlatıldı.
Sosyal medya üzerinden başlatılan, bazı kurum ve kuruluşların da desteklediği kampanyaya vatandaşlar yoğun ilgi gösterdi. 14 more words

Elif, Lark Lane, June 2016


Who ever thought that putting a barbecue pit indoors would be a good idea? Elif clearly did, and I’m so glad that they have. There’s something a little bit special about meat that’s been cooked over hot coals. 244 more words

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