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Python: Conditional Logic

Conditional logic is the decision making arm of programming. With conditional logic, we examine a condition and instruct the computer what to do based on the condition. 553 more words


Baju Koko Tasmatas - Model Elif

Baju Koko Tasmatas – Model Elif adalah busana muslim pria yang terbuat dari bahan katun pilihan berkualitas, sehingga nyaman dipakai. Desain dan coraknya yang beragam, terlihat sangat ekslusif, elegan, trendi, inovatif dan fashionable. 145 more words


Find What??

This is a simple lines of code that guesses what you are typing as a input string and guesses the possibility of the input making any meaning. 229 more words

I Feel Guilty

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I feel guilty because I have no excuse of not making my own tooth paste for example. Or shampoo or deodorant. Seriously admire this girl. 46 more words


Sacred Ball

So, does that mean, one day kids in Turkey will be able to create energy while playing soccer? Then, I would gladly call this invention; Sacred Ball :) This is a very short video about the idea and guidelines. 9 more words