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A London Cosmetic Dentist Determines Eligibility for Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial replacement for a tooth root. As the main aim of an implant is to support an artificial tooth, it normally contains an internal screw thread or post space that allows an artificial tooth to be fitted. 78 more words

VA Home Loan Tips

A Certificate of Eligibility is required to document your service in the military. Veterans or active duty military can file a DD-214 or DD 26-1880… 6 more words

Coordinating COBRA coverage can be through your employer OR a 3rd party vendor

Inaccurate information was provided to one of my benefit providers. This included my last date of work, my last date of employment, coverage start/eligibility date, pre-existing exclusion period length, and disclosure of former policy carrier. 291 more words

Presidential eligibility

We currently have a british subject sitting in the Whitehouse now and the Repubs want us to vote for a Canadian, Cuban or east indian. What is wrong with this country??


Classic Outback Regularity Pre-regs now available

2016 Classic Outback Regularity Pre-regulations are now posted. Find them on the Classic Outback Regularity page.


Eligibility Checking – Getting the Most Out of HETS

The Medicare eligibility computer system called HETS (HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System) is designed to give healthcare providers current data on prospective Medicare patients so that providers can verify coverage of services.   619 more words


Social Security Disability Eligibility for Those with Mental Disorders

According to The Kim Foundation, a trusted resource on mental disorders, an estimated 26.2 percent or 57.7 million of the American population aged 18 and above suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. 74 more words