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Reap the Whirlwind

In Job there is a youth who speaks against Job and his three friends “fetching wisdom from afar” whose wrath was kindled against Job and his three friends. 117 more words


May 4@Job 35-36

Job 35-36 (NLT)

Discover His heart:   He uses our challenges to teach us and help us grow

Shortly after surviving the terrible twos when raising our children, we enter the world of Why?   613 more words

Daily Devotions

April 27@Job 33-34

Job 33-34 (NLT) 

Discover His heart: Whether instructing or disciplining, He always does what’s best for us

The early earth dwellers believed the world was flat. 603 more words

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Job 32-37

You will find an introduction and outline of Job, here.

A prayer to use before reading, from Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225-1274) a prominent theologian of the medieval period. 680 more words

April 20 @ Job 31-32

Job 31-32 (NLT)

Discover His heart: His wisdom is for young and old alike – ours for the asking

Our eyes certainly are inundated with stimulating and suggestive sights just about everywhere we go, whether in public places, on the television or on our computers. 655 more words

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Heavy Horse Power

Prior to becoming President, William Howard Taft served as Governor General of the Philippines. After going on a goodwill mission to one of the Philippine islands and spending the day traveling by horseback through the mountains, he sent a telegram to Secretary of War Elihu Root, briefing him on the day’s activities: “Stood trip well. 27 more words


Another Answered Prayer

This week I saw a lot of pride in myself. We were discussing contextualization, culture, worldview, and other deeply personal topics, and I found myself feeling horribly offended and attacked. 277 more words