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All the things that God does (Job 33:29-33:33)

“God indeed does all these things.

He does it twice or three times, with mortals.

He brings back their souls from the pit.

Thus they see the light of life. 126 more words

Elihu reviews Job’s defense (Job 33:8-33:11)

“Surely, you have spoken in my hearing.

I have heard the sound of your words.

You say.

‘I am clean.

I am without transgression.

I am pure. 92 more words

Elihu points out the failure of the three wise comforters (Job 32:11-32:14)


I waited for your words.

I listened for your wise sayings.

While you searched out what to say.

I gave you my attention.

However, there was in fact no one that confuted Job. 105 more words

July 5 -- power

Today’s Bible reading and an excerpt

Read Job 38

Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?
Gird up your loins like a man, 657 more words

Deep People Make Disciples

Job Chapters 34-36

Elihu Cont.’d

Chapter 34

34:11 What goes around comes around. We see a lot of justice in the book of Job. Although things are unfair and even painful for a little while, God repays everyone for what they’ve done. 284 more words


Job 37: Elihu's final blast

Elihu spent this chapter detailing how powerful God is and challenging Job to compare himself to God or question Him. Whilst the description of God’s power and majesty are certainly truthful, what Elihu missed is God’s love for mankind. 189 more words


Job Chapters 32-33


Chapter 32

32:8-9 Elihu recognizes that all divine wisdom comes from God. He also recognizes that wisdom can come from age and experience but not always (I Tim 4:12). 328 more words