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Lesson 10, Concluding Elihu and Onto God

In this lesson, we show how Elihu introduces God’s speech in which the Lord shows how we are not only too insignificant, but too ignorant of His purposes to question His righteousness. 3,597 more words



Our church has finished a long sermon series about the book of Job. Before that, the ladies’ Bible study went through the book of Job in two meetings. 412 more words

Quiet Life

The Gospel of Elihu

The problem with manmade religion is that it views the Bible in a distorted way that glorifies self and diminishes grace. This can be seen in the way religion portrays Job as a good guy and God as a bad guy who sends the devil to do his dirty work. 1,096 more words


In full view: of treasures and trophies

A Kodak instamatic was the first camera given me at an era when pictures taken were more of critters and creation than oneself. The first time I saw a “selfie stick”, it was on display at the end of an isle in Wal-Mart. 730 more words