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Depression is a huge problem in our land. The CDC tells us that now suicide is the leading cause of death among teenagers. It is now far surpassed car accidents as their leading cause of death. 606 more words


Faith Needs A Vessel

Her hands were trembling. “Hurry! Close the door,” she whispered anxiously to her sons. She couldn’t explain it, but an irresistible urge was pulsating through her veins to follow through with the Man of God’s instructions. 1,490 more words



I admit it; I can definitely over-eat. I’ve always told my friends if I don’t want to gain weight, I cannot keep goodies in my home. 439 more words


Grandpa, he's just a baby!

“Grandpa, they think I’m a baby. I don’t like all these stuffed animals!”

“I can see that, Elijah. But, ya know . . .  you’re still a baby.” 132 more words


He's in the Whisper

“The Lord said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by.” Then a great…wind tore the mountains apart … , but the Lord was not in the wind….  307 more words


Favorite 33 Rapture People

Reprint of February 25, 2016…… The Rapture People

Scripture has a lot to say about the Rapture, and about the people who have been raptured. There are two types of rapture: 1) Bodily Rapture, and 2) Spiritual Rapture. 625 more words

Your Favorites

Nintendo Consoles Rendering Themselves

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Image: Elijah Robertson

3D animator Elijah Robertson has done a neat thing where he “did models of Nintendo consoles as if they were rendered on themselves”. 52 more words