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In the round short rows with no holes!!!

So my lack of posts relates to my continued need to knit Elijah elephants. The stalk is still working overtime in Middle England. It’s really makes for boring posts so I just haven’t bothered however I’ve come across a new technique that I want to try out. 77 more words



When Jesus asked his disciples who people said He was, they answered that people thought He was Elijah or Jeremiah, or one of the prophets. He wasted no words or time when it came to speaking out against hypocrisy in the leading religious figures of His day, which was reminiscent of Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. 234 more words


Greetings from Elijah

Elijah is with Grandma this morning. On the verge of crawling, but not quite getting the hang of it, he’s sending greetings and a smile to Grandpa. 46 more words


Elijah and his first cousin

Grandpa, I have a new cousin!

Yes, I know. Calvin was born last week. He’s beautiful!

Yeah. What’s a cousin?

Well, you seem pretty excited, so I thought you must know what a cousin is. 378 more words


Reflections on I Kings 19-22

Elijah flees to the desert, and God shows his power.

  • Depression – Elijah is depressed. He has fought hard, and won the battle, but one opponent knocks him down. 
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Reflections on I Kings 17-18

God raises up Elijah.  Observe:

  • Provision – God provides for Elijah during the drought through a brook and ravens. But then the brook dried up.  Are you trusting in God or the brooks that he gives you? 
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Lectionary Sermon for December 10 2017 (2B) on Mark 1, 1-8, Isaiah 40 1-11

We live in a world where papering over the cracks has been elevated to an art form. Far from self assessment, getting ready for Christmas has come to mean responding to advertising, putting up shiny decorations, twinkling lights and listening to Christmas mood music in the malls. 1,791 more words