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When Life Gives You An 'L': Key Things To Look For When Suffering From Low Self Esteem

Have you ever looked at someone and worried why they may look so depressed or sad?  You probably worry what they could be facing to look the way they do. 460 more words


Hey Life - I'll need a side order of peace with those fries!

As adults, we have to learn to juggle many aspects of life. A lot of times we fall victim in allowing people, obstacles, trials and tribulations placed in our path’s to negatively consume us so much to the point that it becomes a stress factor. 468 more words

Black Women

4 Telling Signs Your Negativity Is Highly Contagious And Infecting Those Around You

People and anything going on around us are major mood influencers. When a few too many unfortunate things happen we may accidentally become a negative Nancy, Debbie downer, or just downright not ourselves. 617 more words

This Is Where Thoughts Come From

For those who do not know the phenomenal Intuitive Healer and Medium, Christie Sheldon, I only ask that you take time to learn about her work. 676 more words