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The Anti-Tesla Gets No Love, by Eric Peters

A car will soon be on the streets that costs under $10,000 and will get about 80 miles per gallon of gas. Why haven’t you heard about it? 625 more words


The Smallest Car In The World Is Back From The 1960s, And Now It's Electric

Drive the Peel–a truly adorable tiny car–and you’ll never have trouble finding parking again.¬†At 41-inches wide and 54-inches long, the Peel is the smallest production car… 316 more words


The Great Vehicle Question Solved

I now live several miles out of town. i thought i needed another vehicle, but after several months, i’ve discovered i was wrong.

When I first moved out here, i thought the highway was the only reasonable way to get here, so my 85 MPG Vino 125 scooter went from being The Ultimate Weapon for most driving to nearly useless, since it isn’t highway legal and tops out at 55 MPH. 387 more words

Sleek 3-Wheeled Elio Makes Flashy Entrance At The North American Auto Show In Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) – It gets 84 miles a gallon — is expected to cost under $7,000 and you don’t have to peddle.

What is it? Elio. 174 more words


Black and Brass Sideboard By Elio

Great vintage find by AccidentalAntiques (4873.00 EUR) http://ift.tt/1IrBP4I

Elio Motors Is Off To The Races With SEC Approval For $25 Million Regulation A+ Offering

In what is one of the largest equity crowdfunding rounds in the world, Elio Motors has received approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to seek $25 million in equity capital under the recently released Regulation A+ rules. 510 more words

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