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Review: 5th Estate's E-Cigarettes : Welcome Back, Big Tobacco

The CBC’s investigative journalism program, The Fifth Estate, broadcast an episode on ecigarettes Friday Oct 21. As an interesting aside, the anti-smoking documentary A Billion Lives… 457 more words

Starting an E-juice Business From Scratch Part 1

What started as a one line message on Whatsap has excitingly transcended into a full-scale business plan to produce e-liquids.

I crunched the numbers and the results are in, this is a fantastic market to be patronising right now with the only limiting factor being future legislation.   249 more words

What You Need To Be Informed About Affordable E Fruit juice

The normal individual that is looking for Low priced E Veggie juice is simply not someone with superior preferences. Of course, which might offend a number of people that it is truthfully. 518 more words

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Permit The Figures Inform You Why Inhaling E-Liquid Vapor Is More Suitable To Cigarette Smoking

It is extremely natural to get skeptical about e-fluids and e-cigarettes. Within the finish, e-fluids have only existed for just about any handful of many a lot of the adult population within the United States. 769 more words

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E-Juice Special!

We are currently running a special on Big Heart and Drip brands of E-Juice! Buy 4 get 1 Free!


My Journey in Vapeing

To my long time followers, may I make a confession? I am one of those evil smokers… Well I was… Now I’ve converted to Vapeing :-) … 877 more words


To Vape or not to Vape..?💨 

Good Morning Bloggers – our hot topic on BloggBox today is Vaping..

admittedly I am a dreaded smoker (I know I know give up, save money 💰, better health etc) but I still can’t fully kick the smoking habit! 281 more words