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DG Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Disney's Gargoyles

We at DG love to celebrate shows that showcase diversity, equality, and were ahead of their time. All of those traits and more excellently explain the cult Disney animated series… 1,018 more words


White'splaining: "Heritage"

“[…] Natsilane.” Elisa Maza, addressing Nick

Written by: Adam Gilad

Original Air Date: November 27, 1995

Introduces: Nick, a.k.a. Natsilane; Grandmother; Raven

Timeline placement: 6,219 more words


Home Again: "Shadows of the Past"

“This place is full of bad memories.” –  Elisa Maza Written by: Michael Reaves and Brynne Chandler Reaves

Original Air Date: November 23, 1995

Introduces: 3,041 more words


This Breathing Isle, this Beating Heart: "Avalon" Part One

“Why, it’s me, Tom!  I was but a lad in Castle Wyvern, the night that the vikings destroyed your clan.  But there’s no time to explain now!  2,954 more words


Women with Weirdos

Females with freaks? I searched high and low trying to figure out the official name for this trope. Typically, there is one human woman in a cast that is completely made up of non-human, mostly male, characters. 175 more words