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Pollylop Girl Black and White

Photographic Art Pieces and Images.
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Day 65 - 2 Raja 8-12

2 Raja 8:11-12

Menangislah abdi Tuhan itu.

Di dalam suatu penglihatan dari ROH penyataan, Elissa melihat bahwa Hazael akan menjadi raja Aram dan melakukan kejahatan yang dahsyat terhadap Israel. 346 more words

2 Raja-Raja

Day 62 - 1 Raja 15-19

1 Raja 15

Di kerajaan Yehuda: Abia (memerintah 3thn) digantikan oleh Asa puteranya. Asa menyukakan hati Tuhan ketika memerintah ketika Ia menyingkir kan berhala berhala dan kuil kuil penyembahan berhala yang ada di negeri itu. 344 more words


Good Girl

What comes from boredom and old poems.

Good Girl. The Story of Elisa Castaneda and the boy who Never Really Loved her, Anyways.Let’s see how much more clichè my life could possibly get. 8 more words

The Girl

Still ~

Spend time with wine by a stream,
And let sorrows away stream.
My life, like a rose, is but few days;
Youthful and joyous live this dream.
Hafez Shirazi



The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Book 1/3) by Rae Carson Book Review

Review by: dancingorain.

Elisa, the younger of two princesses, has always been overshadowed by her older sister, Alodia, and has never believed in herself.  She is fat and believes that she’ll never amount to much other than being a piece in an arranged marriage to King Alejandro, who does not seem all that invested in her in the first place.  392 more words

Super Gravity Brothers

The GW150914 blackhole merger event recorded by aLIGO, represented in a wavelet (morlet base) spectrogram. This spectrogram was based on the audio file released with the original announcment. 61 more words