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ELISA mini-quiz - Graeme Forbes

Your name:  Graeme Forbes
Library:  National Library of Scotland
Job Title:  Head of Collections Management

How did you become a librarian/what was your career path? 265 more words

Please, try

I don’t remember the way this story was, but the pictures prove I knew you once.

Morning Trip (293)

“It’s too bad if a heart lacks fire, and is deprived of the light of a heart ablaze. The day on which you are without passionate love is the most wasted day of your life.”
–Omar Khayyam


Morning Trip (292)

“We are never just one thing—a victim or a hero, healed or broken, happy or dissatisfied, enlightened or backwards. I believe that all bodies are beautiful, and I also believe that we are allowed to understand and appreciate our own beauty, when we are allowed to be all of ourselves at once.”
–Rebekah Taussig


0 The Fool

Own Feelings:  Yellow energy.  Self Absorbed. Radiant.  A confidence not necessarily built upon more than a grandiose feeling.  Beginning and end of cycle.  Touch-point on spiral.  788 more words


0 The Fool (reversed)


Own feelings:  None.  Ok that’s not true.  The words in my head say a lot.  “I don’t have any feelings as I do not use this card in this way.”  There are many reversed cards that for me show a differing effect of simply what the upright card suggests.  266 more words


1 The Magician


Own:  Seeking energy of Alpha considering mastery over all that is below.  Sometimes this denotes curiosity over what the suits represent and a wish, desire, or curiosity about controlling them or something else.  244 more words