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TVLine's Performer of the Week: Grant Gustin

THE PERFORMER | Grant Gustin

THE SHOW | The Flash

THE EPISODE | “Fast Enough” (May 19)

THE PERFORMANCE | With its game-changing twists, promising peeks into the future and more Easter eggs than you could shake Danielle Panabaker’s Killer Frost wig at, Tuesday’s… 636 more words

Dancing With The Stars

"Person to Person"- Mad Men Series Finale

As someone who has now begun following the turns of the media industry professionally*, I often come across media executives bandying the phrase “we have entered into a Golden Age of television.” I agree, but I know that the herald of this Golden Age was eight years ago, when audiences first set their eyes on a brooding advertising executive named Don Draper. 910 more words

EW Community MVP of the Week: Grant Gustin

MVP of the Week | Week of May 14–20

The EW Community was built by and for people who love television. And we, the writers of the EW Community, especially love it when we get to witness brilliance in our favorite medium. 781 more words

Mad Men Series Finale

Since its debut in July of 2007, Mad Men has reigned in a league all its own. While the small screen has been dominated in the past decade by plot twists, cliffhangers, and “to be continued”s, Mad Men has told its story deliberately and realistically with nuance and symbolism that puts it more in line with Hemingway than Shonda Rhimes. 1,072 more words

Netflix Buried Treasure: The One I Love

Phone calls from Wes were once a rare occasion. There was no need for a lengthy phone discussion when only one wall separated our bedrooms. 377 more words

Fade In:

"The end of an era" - Mad Men S7 Part 2 Review

Emotional.  Brilliant.  Poignant.  Significant.  Fun.  Beautiful.  Relevant.  These are the words I would use to describe Mad Men.  In its final ever season, Mad Men… 1,853 more words


tv review - AMC's Mad Men, season 7b

July 19th 2007 was the day the world was first introduced to Don Draper, a silver-tongued and mysterious ad man living and loving hard in the NYC of the 1960s. 684 more words