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Doctor Who - "The Seeds of Doom"

When scientists unearth two seed pods deep in the arctic permafrost, the Doctor and Sarah Jane rush to investigate. Soon the Doctor’s worst fears are confirmed: the pods house Krynoids, one of the most parasitic and dangerous life forms in the universe. 2,319 more words

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What if.....?

I didn’t create the above image but it does illustrate a hypothetical ‘what if?’ that I have…..

What if this conversation between Sarah Jane and the ‘Third’ Doctor influenced the form of the ‘Fourth’ Doctor when the ‘Third’ Doctor regenerated. 88 more words

Remembering Elisabeth Sladen

Remembering the wonderful and sorely missed Elisabeth Sladen on her Birthday.

She would be one of the longest running and most beloved of companions in the classic era, travelling with both Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker’s Doctors. 60 more words

Doctor Who - "The Brain of Morbius"

The Time Lords have taken control of the TARDIS, sending the Doctor and Sarah Jane into dangerous territory.

On the graveyard planet of Karn, the eternal Sisterhood fights to keep the sacred flame alive. 2,790 more words

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New 'Doctor Who' DVD reviews with Tom Baker

Hello everyone! :)

Today, I’ve posted three new ‘Doctor Who’ DVD reviews starring Tom Baker as the Doctor. They include ‘Robot’; ‘The Ark in Space’ 58 more words

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Doctor Who - "The Android Invasion"

When the TARDIS lands in the sleep English village of Devesham, Sarah Jane thinks the Doctor has finally gotten her back home. But all is not as it seems – the village is unusually deserted and deadly white-suited spacemen patrol the countryside. 2,129 more words

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DVD review – ‘Downtime’

Hello everyone! :)

This is one present I had for Christmas!

I enjoyed watching ‘Downtime’ on DVD. It’s an exciting drama starring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith; Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier and Deborah Watling as Victoria Waterfield. 305 more words

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