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Candy Jar Books has just released the fourth book in the Lethbridge-Stewart series: Mutually Assured Domination by Nick Walters. Fans who have already received the final instalment may have noticed the very exciting revelation at the end of Walters’ book: Lethbridge-Stewart will return in 2016. 1,070 more words


Doctor Who: Saying Goodbye to the Companions

In just a short while, I’ll be checking out the latest episode of Doctor Who.  I could have already, but I wanted to preserve the quantum uncertainty of the story a little bit longer.  6,480 more words

Doctor Who

DVD Review: Downtime

Unofficial Doctor Who spin-off materialises on DVD

In the early 1990s Doctor Who was a battle weary Time Lord consigned to repeats on UK Gold. A combination of enemies more fiendish than the Master and Daleks had vanquished the errant science fiction hero; falling viewing figures and an indifferent BBC. 387 more words


The Fourth Doctor Returns — to Comic Books!

The Fourth Doctor returns to comics with his greatest companion, the intrepid Sarah Jane Smith, in an all-new five-part miniseries from Titan Comics, Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor… 86 more words

Cult TV

Downtime (1995) | The unofficial Doctor Who adventure gets a UK DVD release

Well here’s something for the most dedicated Doctor Who fans, it’s the 1995 direct-to-video adventure, Downtime, that was never sanctioned by the BBC, and only now getting a proper DVD release. 193 more words


Checking out Doctor Who: School Reunion

Sadly Christopher Eccleston only played the Doctor for one series. Perhaps even worse, the BBC announced his departure right after “Rose” aired, so fans knew what was going to happen. 618 more words


Doctor Who - "Terror of the Zygons"

Returning to Earth, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry arrive in the Scottish Highlands to investigate the mysterious destruction of several oil rigs in the North Sea. 2,757 more words

Doctor Who