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Cult TV Essentials: The Sarah Jane Adventures

It’s hard to believe, but it has been ten years since ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ first aired on ‘CBBC’. The ‘Doctor Who’ spin off focused on fan favourite companion ‘Sarah Jane Smith’ fighting and protecting aliens under the guise of an investigative journalist. 532 more words


Terror of the Zygons

While we got endless Dalek and Cybermen stories during the classic era of Doctor Who, there are some monsters that seemed to have a lot of unexplored potential. 1,692 more words

Doctor Who

Revenge of the Cybermen

I’m playing a monster.  They can’t see my face.
I’m a creepy dude from an emotionless race.
But I can’t show my face, not even my lips, 1,872 more words

Doctor Who

The Ark in Space

A new broom sweeps clean.  The Pertwee-era Earthbound alien invasions and space operas are gone, and now we’re in the moody Hammer horror era of Hinchcliffe/Holmes/Baker.  1,568 more words

Doctor Who

The Monster of Peladon

It is a common misconception that The Monster of Peladon is a sequel to The Curse of Peladon. In fact, it is the same story, with (some) different actors. 1,187 more words

Doctor Who


Like The Power of the Daleks and to a lesser extent Spearhead from Space, Robot knows just where to draw the line between focusing on the Doctor’s regeneration, and getting on with the story, something that would not be done well again for many years. 1,503 more words

Doctor Who

Death to the Daleks

It is probably fair to say that Death to the Daleks is not many people’s favourite Dalek story (except Nicholas Briggs!).  However, it was good enough to turn me into a Doctor Who fan.  1,773 more words

Doctor Who