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The Doctor Who Public Information Films: Quarries

So here’s what I was doing last night.

If you’re of the wrong generation for Public Information Films, let’s just say you had a comparatively sheltered childhood. 701 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who - "The Android Invasion"

The Android Invasion is a weird duck. It’s a pretty standard episode of Doctor Who, with strange goings-on, eerie moments, and an alien race behind it all with the purpose of destroying humanity. 1,227 more words

Doctor Who

Classic Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars & City of Death

As well as trying to watch more old films that I haven’t seen yet this year, another thing I want to do is expand my viewing of classic Doctor Who, which remains very incomplete. 805 more words

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Doctor Who-The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (Short Version)


I originally posted a Vimeo upload of this story with the first installment of “Wedding” joined up with The Doc’s part in part two, but I realized “Why settle on Sladen’s boring little courtship and some comedy filler runaround stuff for Clyde and Rani?” You’re here to see a ton of Tennant and expecting a Doctor Who romp right out the park, so why don’t we just skip immediately to the wedding and treat the closing cliffhanger of part one as the end of the pre-credits? 32 more words