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Lis Sladen and Sarah Jane Smith

I just finished reading Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography and I’m in no shape to write an impartial review.

I was a few years younger than Sadie Miller when my own mother died abruptly from cancer. 364 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who-Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (Version 2.5)

This is from my forthcoming remounting of “The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith“. In the original version of the edit, the part where I have to bridge Parts One and Two proved a little dicey when someone on FE.Org evaluated it, and he suggested a few things, I’ve since taken his advice and tried to patch together a better transition using additional sound effects and some mixing with the existing audio, here is the result

(password: fanedit)


An Unearthly Podcast Season 2: Robot

The trio returns for Tom’s first outing in Robot!

Science Fiction

Doctor Who Ultimathon: Warriors of Kudlak

Three weeks in and we have perhaps the most unremarkable episode yet: Warriors of Kudlak, written by new-to-Who (in all senses) writer Phil Gladwin.  441 more words


Doctor Who Ultimathon: Eye of the Gorgon

We pick up from Revenge of the Slitheen with a story that’s both better and worse.  In one sense, this is an affirmation of why children’s shows have a way of excluding adults – it verges on boring.  501 more words


The Doctor Who Public Information Films: Quarries

So here’s what I was doing last night.

If you’re of the wrong generation for Public Information Films, let’s just say you had a comparatively sheltered childhood. 701 more words

Doctor Who