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We never saw this day coming. Rain ceased to fall, cats ceased to purr, and clocks stopped ticking.

Their dirty second hands had overreached in their greed for relevance and upset the inner-workings of the larger system. 165 more words

I remember quite clearly the death of my father, though it happened before I was born. I don’t just know it from hearing stories; I came into life with a secret. 229 more words

Skippy loved to skip stones in the lake.

One day, Skippy encountered something interesting on his way to the lake.

He had encountered, at last, his greatest enemy: Skippy saw, in front of him in the lake, a clown. 225 more words

Burritos don't bite; don't you...

“Burritos don’t bite; don’t you know that?”

I just had a dream...

“I just had a dream that we were celebrating your birthday with dinner and a movie and we were at dinner and I let this guy with a 375lb cat (he told me how much it weighed) let the cat sit on your neck and you were laughing but progressively less because you weren’t getting enough air.

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Widowmaker Elise

Booty lovers unite! I present to you boys this high quality high resolution skin, Widowmaker as Elise. You may want to watch the video below many times! 29 more words