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Integrate mu4e with gnus

I have used mu4e for email searching too. Based on the code in this post, I found it is quite easy to integrate mu4e with gnus too. 126 more words


Integrate notmuch with gnus

I have usaed gnus as my main email client for years. I am happy with it in general. But there’s at least one problem, searching performance isn’t good. 182 more words


How do I byte-compile everything in my .emacs.d directory?


C-u 0 M-x byte-recompile-directory

will compile all the .el files in the directory and in all subdirectories below.

The C-u 0 part is to make it not ask about every .el file that does not have a .elc counterpart. 10 more words


Undo that mess

During last marking season (at the end of the semester), I had, of course, to grade a lot of assignments. For some reason, every semester, I have a good number of students that write code like they just don’t care. 551 more words