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The Baltic Dry Index Doesn't Lie

The BDI doesn’t lie, but your politicians certainly will. They will tell you there is a recovery, when there is none.

The BDI is the fundamental indicator economists look at to determine the currrent health of the economy, and where it’s headed. 140 more words


Common Core: Teaching Kids What — Not How — to Think (Video)

The New American

Thursday, 24 October 2013 10:15

Written by  Alex Newman

In a brief video on the Obama administration-pushed nationalization of education through Common Core standards… 609 more words

United States

The secretive Bilderberg conference 2013



Published on Jun 7, 2013

For many years its mere existence was denied. But today the Bilderberg conference has come to Britain. Activists say it’s a shadow world government. 1,419 more words

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Wash Your Brain - Hollywood Mind Control

Wash Your Brain

Uploaded on Jan 31, 2012


From ancient goddesses to Lady Gaga, culture creation is the method of rulers to keep children fighting wars. 38 more words