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Saving Shas'ui R'yan - part 1

I bought this guy for equivalent of about 2 euro since noone else wanted it, knew the state is horrible and the owner wanted to get rid of it so… I decided to try doing some make over work to him and see if I can get him back into shape of a Crisis suit. 201 more words


32. Dictator Mubarak was replaced by a military dictator. Both were supported by the Western 1% who profit from them.

Many countries are ruled by dictators or regimes that do not allow that common citizens have much influence. These regimes are hardly attacked by Western politicians. 309 more words


Understanding Duality (Continues from last post)

Remember the last thing I was droning on about? Well, I hope you read the thing I wanted you to. (my virtually non-existent readers)

But if you didn’t, then allow me to break down most of what they said. 964 more words

Esoteric Philosphy

When the Establishment Willingly Destroys itself

When the establishment is willing to destroy itself to prevent the people from have a real say then we know that we are governed by the insane. 1,108 more words


Pe care dragon îl vreţi?

“Ce era comunismul primitiv? Lionel Sims (Partidul Socialist al Muncitorilor) explorează sensul mitului Paradisului și semnificația sa pentru oprimarea femeilor.” Articolul tradus aici apare în original aici “ 6,206 more words


Action 805 - Superman vs Zod

Kelly, Ferry and Smith bring the Harvest to an end, as well as the long-running General Zod storyline, in Action 805 (Sept. 03).

Coldcast, from the Elite, uses his powers to create yellow sun blasts, which amp Superman up enough to use his powers.  135 more words

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