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My Idol: The Confirmed Old Bachelor of My Fair Lady

Over the weekend I got to enjoy one of my favorite classic movies, My Fair Lady, on the big screen at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at which I also enjoyed what I now believe is America’s most amazing hamburger. 537 more words

Female Empowerment

Eliza Doolittle and Me

If you’ve lived for very long, you’ve likely experienced something traumatic. Oh, maybe you didn’t have open heart surgery or a near-death experience, but somewhere along the line you’ve gone through a “dark night of the soul.”  Whether it was a physical challenge, an emotional nightmare or a spiritual crisis of faith, it’s not a comfortable place to reside! 646 more words

March Blogs

We Are Shining - The making of the "Killing" music video

Another video from We Are Shining documenting the making of the music video for “Killing” featuring Eliza Doolittle. It is 1/2 cup of courage and 1/2 cup of crazy.


February 28th - Watson & Crick discover DNA - "Skinny Genes"

In 1953, the structure of #DNA was discovered by Watson and Crick. Here is a song by #ElizaDoolittle  #singing;#feelgood

Skinny Genes

I really don’t like your point of view… 342 more words

Feel Good