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How To Pronounce "Opportunity"

“OPPORTUNITY” doesn’t seem like a word anyone would have problems pronouncing, but mill around the mall, the market, the hawker center, the hallway, or just hang out with your friends, listen to your teachers, how about the politicians? 301 more words

How To Pronounce It

February 28th - Watson & Crick discover DNA - "Skinny Genes"

In 1953, the structure of #DNA was discovered by Watson and Crick. Here is a song by #ElizaDoolittle  #singing;#feelgood

Skinny Genes

I really don’t like your point of view… 342 more words

Feel Good

Happy Song List 15/02/2016 -

To say the first 3 songs that come out of my happy play list in the morning are eclectic is an understatement but I think today is right up there. 262 more words

What's Eliza Doolittle got to do with weight loss?

For this blog, instead of directly writing here I’ve written an article for Nutritionist Resource. It’s based on the psychological concepts in a play written by George Bernard Shaw which was then turned into the film and musical “My Fair Lady”. 81 more words