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Lion Heart

Around this time last year, I started to become more out-going, more extroverted. I’ve chalked it up to working with kids and having to yell and be enthusiastic all the time, but when I re-examine 2015, I just happened to have become exhausted with being silent. 569 more words

My Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Coming into this class I had no idea what to expect. Last spring I was in Dougo’s office trying to decide what social science credit to take in the fall, I had signed up to take a class on the Vietnam war but it got canceled so I glanced over the the possible classes and decided to take comparative religion. 955 more words


Listing Pilihan (9705/Ez)

Dijual Rumah di Ulin Selatan Semarang

Status : SHM
Hadap : Utara
Luas Tanah : 89 m2
Luas Bangunan : 30 m2
Kamar Tidur : 3… 40 more words

Listing Pilihan

Listing Pilihan (9689/Ez)

Disewakan Rumah di Graha Candi Golf Panorama

Status : –
Hadap : Utara
Luas Tanah : 200 m2
Luas Bangunan : 140 m2
Kamar Tidur : 1/3/0… 40 more words

Listing Pilihan

Listing Pilihan (9688/Ez)

Dijual Rumah di Genuk Perbalan Semarang

Status : SHM
Hadap : –
Luas Tanah : 300 m2
Luas Bangunan : 400 m2
Kamar Tidur : 1/6/0… 38 more words

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Top 5 Tips for a Speedy Recovery

My teachers always told me to write what I know, and what I know is that this flu may be the end of me… Ok, I’m being a little overdramatic but in my defence, I hate being sick. 467 more words


Listing Pilihan (9687/Ez)

Dijual Kavling di Pakintelan Gunung Pati Semarang

Status : SHM
Hadap : Barat
Luas Tanah : 270 m2
Luas Bangunan : –
Kamar Tidur : – 39 more words

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