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19 Songs from my 18th Year

So this post is a little different from the usual reviews and weekly picks. However, today is a little different from every other day. Today I celebrate my 19th birthday! 1,388 more words


Eliza: Are You Feeling It?

Eliza:  Are You Feeling It? In recent years, I’ve become aware that I’m an empath.  With my native clairsentience (clear feeling) I often feel what others are unwilling to express… self-doubt, fr… 6 more words

Spiritual Consciousness

The World Series 

You’re quiet but you’re screaming inside. Loud as a bomb. Simply destructive. Pattering down like a heavy rain. Depression. Hitting you from out of nowhere. Outfield. 192 more words


It's almost my birthday!

Another year… Man oh man.

Birthdays always bring such a stronge punch of depression. I constantly sit and wonder if this year, anyone will do something special. 366 more words


Bereavement Bots?

It’s been a while….

… but nice to see the patterns of Computer Science coming in full circle again, this time revisiting the Turing Test… 233 more words


That would be enough?

More swirling thoughts on Hamilton from the recesses of my brain, this time coming to you from my dad’s hospital room, where we are waiting out serious lung complications after what should have been a pretty routine surgery. 1,527 more words

What I'm Listening To


Cuz why not.
I was actually deciding on whether to color in his/her hair and eye color and possibly jacket/hoodie, but then I didn’t because I didn’t want to have a default skin color for these guys and not-colored in skin with the rest of it colored in would look weird. 105 more words

The Strays