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Cuomo's Advice

Mr. Cuomo was lecturing.  He hated this year’s class, since most of the people either weren’t smart or diligent enough for AP Bio.  Nevertheless, he still asked the class questions, hoping one person – just one person – would at least attempt to respond. 385 more words


Clarinet Practice

Chris was practicing his clarinet.  Normally, he wouldn’t practice during marching band season, since he believed it was worthless to memorize the music, and he didn’t want to be a tryhard like Lalit who started practicing his solo 6 months in advance.   117 more words


The Painting

Chris took out his easel, paintbrushes and paint.  It had been eight years since he tried painting, back when he was in 2nd grade and his art teacher made him bring it in for class.   286 more words


The Test

Chris was stuck.

“Describe two effects of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire,” the offending prompt read.  

That movie was so fucking boring and I fell asleep.  How does Mr. 140 more words


Gabe's Dream

Gabe woke up comfortably at 6:00 AM.  As was his morning tradition, he immediately took out a notebook labeled “Dream Journal” and a pencil.  The book was filled with strange misadventures and plot twists, as only dreams could create.   160 more words


Chris's Nightmare

Oh no!!!!! I’m not first chair!!!!!!!  Nooooooo!  Why is Lalit first?  Why!!!!’  Chris woke up in a cold sweat.  “At least that was just a dream,” he said to himself.   164 more words


Baseball Practice

Chris caught up with him at baseball practice.  “Congrats Gabe, on getting with Eliza,” Chris said, almost without scorn in his voice.

“Thanks, man,” Gabe replied, looking at the brown field .   137 more words