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Eliza's About Me

My name is Eliza and I am a very special cat. I will have moments where I am super calm and then I will have moments when the acid kicks in and I go psycho. 120 more words

About Me

Mystical, Michael Weekly - Book Blitz

YA Bound Book Tours is organizing a Blog Tour for: Mystical (Mystical, #1) by Michael Weekly from Limitless Publishing. This tour will run from February 8-12. 416 more words


8th February- Diary of a Doolittle, any minute now

Tomorrow is the first, dreaded, books down rehearsal – so tonight is dedicated to ‘making sure I know act 1’. In theory it’s a 10 minute job (I learnt it remember..couple of weeks ago?!) but who knows where my memory has stored it all? 83 more words


4th February Diary of a Doolittle - the plague spreads

No Carl tonight – he’s got the Black Death now as well. I’m in recovery but living in a bubble tunnel and Di is nearly there but can’t laugh in case she coughs herself to death. 168 more words



I’m writing a story a week for 52 weeks on the Bitter Blog. This is story #13.

Eliza was a starer. She scrutinized the world from under a home-hewn haircut, spending minutes at a time taking in a feature on someone’s face or looking at a crushed insect on the sidewalk or examining the mud-splattered shell of an empty cigarette pack. 1,066 more words

What I'm Reading: Pride and Prejudice

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen seems to be only a love story, but there is so many more sub-plots going on alongside that. 194 more words

2nd February- diary of a Doolittle, out of action

All geared up for rehearsal tonight but then woke up this morning with the plague (alright a bad cold – but I feel like the Black Death right about now). 193 more words