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Altis Grand Hotel Lisbon + San Jorge Roof Terrace

Summertime Gladness

Lisbon’s mercurial mix is intoxicating, and made all the more sparkling by its simultaneous and very definite continental dynamic. John O’Connell, designer of ‘ 141 more words

Lavender's Blue

The Death Of The Heart


Today, I have been mostly watering plants.

Nicotiana now soars aloft.

Several of our clematises, such as Diversifolia Hendersonii… 321 more words

Elizabeth Bowen RTÉ Documentary

Really, really entertaining and informative documentary about the novelist Elizabeth Bowen, what Virginia Woolf made of Bowen’s gaff and Bowen’s extra-marital affairs. Most worth it, I think, for the details given of Bowen’s spying for the English. 39 more words

If you look at life one way, there is always cause for alarm. – Elizabeth Bowen http://ift.tt/28NkFV7

Elizabeth Bowen

Read "The Demon Lover," a short story by Elizabeth Bowen

“The Demon Lover”


Elizabeth Bowen

Toward the end of her day in London Mrs. Drover went round to her shut-up house to look for several things she wanted to take away. 2,789 more words


Visions of Wartime London

The Demon Lover and other Stories by Elizabeth Bowen

Much as I like the idea of a complete or collected volume of stories or poems, I do tend to find that they have a negative effect on my reading; they’re often so large that they actually put me off reading them, and I have a number of these books scattered all over Mount TBR which is shameful. 768 more words

Out of a Book

I was reading Elizabeth Bowen’s essay Out of a Book, and wondering (as I often do … sometimes I wish so badly for the spontaneity of my seven-year-old self and for what he’d be doing, having read that essay, right now. 573 more words