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Thinking about an unconventional romance by Elizabeth Bowen.

I found two Elizabeth Bowen novels in the bargain box at the Oxfam shop this week. Both from the 1950s.  If her short stories were to go by, I was in for a treat. 683 more words


On Teaching Anna Kavan's Ice

Like all teachers, I’m always tinkering with my syllabi. Sometimes I’ll add texts I haven’t taught before. More rarely I’ll do something even more outrageous (exciting, foolish: choose your adjective): I’ll assign something I’ve never even read. 2,951 more words

‘Mysterious Kôr’ by Elizabeth Bowen

It starts like this and then it goes on:

Full moonlight drenched the city and searched it; there was not a niche left to stand in.

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Jennifer Hodgson

The Death Of The Heart

The Death Of The Heart is another novel I treasured in the 1980s. Elizabeth Bowen wrote it just before WWII and the fragile neuroticism of its London-based characters reflects the fear and anticipation of a world coming to an end. 264 more words

Books from My Shelves: Two books by Elizabeth Bowen

It was 1987 or ’88, before the days of cable TV. The local TV stations seemed to be totally random in its choice of films to screen and there were lots of duds, but the occasional jewel.  207 more words

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Online Databases for Books - Are They Reliable?

I just submitted another assignment – great feeling, isn’t it? For this one, I had to do yet another close reading, but this time it was on a chapter in Elizabeth Bowen’s book,  406 more words