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Elizabeth Bowen's The Heat of the Day

“You might like Elizabeth Bowen,” said a classics professor during a chat about, of all things, the pros and cons of the style of Virginia Woolf.  686 more words

The Heat of The Day

As part of the module Irish Literature between 1930-1990 that I am taking this semester, I studied Elizabeth Bowen’s novel The Heat of The Day. This novel was written in 1948, the novel was set in London in the early 1940’s during World War II. 431 more words


‘Mysterious Kôr’ by Elizabeth Bowen

’Mysterious Kôr’ describes two lovers wandering blacked-out London during the Blitz. The blasted city is “drenched” in moonlight and looks like “the moon’s capital – shallow, cratered, extinct”. 272 more words

Chris Power

Two Reviews: 'Kadian Journal' and 'The Little Girls'

The Little Girls by Elizabeth Bowen ***
I have found Elizabeth Bowen’s novels a little hit and miss in the past, but since absolutely adoring… 450 more words

Rules? What Rules?

What have I learned in the four decades I’ve spent pursuing my craft as a writer? Pretty much the same thing I’ve learned in the 25 years I’ve worked in film. 1,966 more words


Love Stories: Dead Mabelle by Elizabeth Bowen

The next story in Love Stories is Dead Mabelle by Elizabeth Bowen. Written in 1929, Dead Mabelle is my second story by Bowen, and given that Bowen didn’t make much of an impression on me… 208 more words


Silently bearing the unbearable: The House in Paris by Elizabeth Bowen

The House in Paris by Elizabeth Bowen ~ 1935. This edition: Knopf, 1936. Hardcover. 270 pages.

This novel is stiff with secrets. Everyone is hiding something, and the frequent silences are screaming with unspoken words. 870 more words