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#301 the Last September

I’m embarrassed at how long it’s been since I finished a book – I’m not entirely sure why it’s been so long because I haven’t had a shortage of good books to read (although a couple of them I’m less than thrilled about but I may just return those instead of starting them…) I think I wanted a complete mental break after exams and somehow that’s stretched on for months. 269 more words

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

The Death of The Heart by Elizabeth Bowen

The Death of the Heart takes place in England, circa 1930’s. It’s the story of Portia Quayne, a typical sixteen year old coming of age. And amidst the uncertainty and discomfort of growing up to be a respectable young woman, she has the added burden of suddenly becoming an orphan- sent to live with an estranged step-brother and his snobby, bourgeois wife.   ★★★

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Shaping Spirits 1948-1966 Janet Montefiore (Shoestring Press)

Marilyn Hacker’s comment on the back of this collection of poems prompted me to look beyond the acute precision of Janet Montefiore’s record of a Cambridge childhood. 812 more words


Christmas Champagne Breakfast + sketch Mayfair

The Morning and Night Before Christmas

Afternoon tea and champers are, by definition and nature respectively, not before noon. But this is sketch Mayfair, the… 172 more words

Lavender's Blue

The Last September: Elizabeth Bowen

‘[The Last September] is a novel nearest to my heart, and it had a deep, unclouded, spontaneous source…It is a work of instinct, rather than knowledge…a recall book.’

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Quicksilver Droplets

My reading for the last week or so–continually interrupted, like a picnic upstaged by intermittent splashes of rainfall–has been The Last September, by Elizabeth Bowen. 373 more words

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Intelligence Bear Forth


“Bring all your intelligence to bear on your beginning.”

— Elizabeth Bowen
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