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Tessa Hadley reads Elizabeth Bowen

I’ve been worrying lately that I’m a bit of an avant-garde literature fetishist, incapable of responding to stories that non-pretentious types read and that I’ll never enjoy a ‘there once was a woman story’ ever again. 22 more words

The Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen

I have long wanted to read Elizabeth Bowen; her 1938 novel, The Death of the Heart, has been calling me for quite a while. By rights I should have read it earlier in preparation for… 1,572 more words

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The 1938 Club : Some earlier reviews

The list of possible reads for 1938 turned out to be a long and fascinating one, and some of the books I’ve already written about on the blog. 298 more words

The Little Girls - Elizabeth Bowen (1964)

Taking a break from Mary Hocking week to tell you about The Little Girls; my third read for Cathy’s Read Ireland month (I am now reviewing things a little out of the order in which I read them). 1,135 more words

Never to lie is to have no lock on your door, you are never wholly alone. – Elizabeth Bowen http://ift.tt/1pO0Oth

Elizabeth Bowen

The Last September, Chapters 5-8

Oh no, I wasn’t,’ said Lois by reflex action, and wished all the other things to which she was always replying, ‘Oh, no I didn’t’ or ‘Oh, no I’m not’ were half as true”

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Fiction Of Empire 2016

A Bibliographical Detail....


The printed bibliography is functionally obsolete. Stuck in the knowledge of its period of setting-up and publication, give or take the odd errata slip, it offers a mere snapshot in time of what was known, rather than what is. 769 more words